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            Jiangsu Lianrong metal technology co., LTD. Is a comprehensive sales company, metal materials, including stainless steel material group, aluminium group, copper division, recycling business, etc.

            The company core plate for stainless steel materials division, is engaged in stainless steel cold rolling, processing, sales, distribution and service of an integrated professional company.

            The stainless steel materials division management positions has the domestic well-known enterprise experience for many years, industry and technical personnel, cold-rolled stainless steel smelting, processing stainless steel production process, such as a downstream user special product research and development ability, can according to customer demand for personalized production.

            The company with more than 1000 domestic end users to establish the relationship between the supply, both at home and abroad have extensive customer base, product sales of automotive parts, industrial pipe, electronic components, medical equipment, small appliances, elevators, tableware, kitchen equipment, solar water heaters, mechanical equipment, pressure vessels and other industries.

            All the year round can provide 201, 202, 301, 202, 304 j1, 304 l, 316 l, 316, 310 s, 430, 409 l, 439, 443, such as steel grade;The thickness of the product range is from 0.1 mm to 0.1 mm;Surface is No. 1, 2 b, No. 3, No. 4, the HL, BA, 8 k, fingerprints, etc.Long-term for domestic and foreign enterprises to provide a stable supply of goods, has the ability of global sourcing for customer.

            Company processing equipment, covering stainless steel cold rolling, annealing, sizing, straightening, cutting, slitting, CNC plasma cutting, grinding, 8 k, oil mill, fingerprints, embossing and shock resistance, can according to customer needs, provide customized integration services, all-round to meet customer demand.  

            We always take the market as the guidance, strives for the survival by the innovation, promoting development with the brand, steadfast completes the customer for each project, we hope that customers due to our highly efficient rapid preempted the market, more prominent because of our pursuit of excellence!