Reports of my demise have been very highly exaggerated.  I did stop playing WoW, and started playing Wildstar, however I haven’t made it past level 25 yet.  My new job (is it still new if you’ve been there almost 4 months??) is amazing and keeps me very very busy.  I’m currently working about 40 hours a week, although this week I’m going to be putting in closer to 45 since it’s end of the month.  I have my own office now with a door, four walls and everything.  I don’t get a window, but hey!  I’m not in a cubicle!!!

A few weeks after I started my new job, Husband installed a cell phone game called Ingress.  I was half asleep and pretty annoyed at the sounds the game was making while I was attempting to go to sleep (didn’t he realize that I had to work the next day?) but after he figured out the basic idea of the game, he convinced me to install it and we started playing.

The premise, if you haven’t heard of it yet, is pretty simple.  There is ‘XM’ leaking into the world through various portals that are scattered around the landscape.  Portals are generally places of learning, worship, or any kind of inspiration.  (I.E. art, libraries, museums, etc.)  You pick a faction (Enlightened or Resistance) and go out and claim these portals for your faction.  It’s a lot of fun and we’ve been out doing a lot of walking since we started.

When we started, Husband was just expecting that this would be a good excuse to get me out of the house and walking around.  Little did he realize how much of a local community has been built up for our Ingress factions.  At the moment, in our tiny town, there are only about 3 or 4 people playing.  But when we go into the cities around us, there are between 30-60 people playing regularly.

We avoided the community for the first few weeks.  They were very welcoming but we weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we just joined the chat and listened in.  However, at this point, I think we’ve spent 5 of the last 7 days doing something with someone or someones from our local Ingress community (either faction).  Last Friday, I went to lunch with a cross-faction group and got to meet a few ‘smurfs’ aka Resistance players I had not met before.  Saturday, we had a impromptu “farm”  (yes, it means the same thing in Ingress as in WoW) with a bunch of the ‘toads’ aka Enlightened.  Sunday, we stayed home. Monday was another farm.  Tuesday was dinner with one of my favorite smurfs, Wednesday was a long distance farm and then tonight I am staying home being an introvert!

It’s amazing.  I love how many people there are here and how passionate everyone is about it.  Yeah, there are jerks (as always) but it’s extremely refreshing to go wander around for hours with a group of 10+ people.  We’ve been asked if we’re a flash mob, we’ve had our pictures taken.  I have yet to be asked to leave somewhere by the police, but that is always a possibility, seeing as how a lot of these farms happen after dark.


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So, yeah. That’s what I have to say.  Sorry, Husband came in and wrecked my train of thought.  I love it though.  So if you have some time, and you like being out, check it out.  And choose Enlightened.  We’re awesome.

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