Bye bye for now Azeroth, Hello Nexus!

I know I’ve been quiet here for a while, for good reason.  In February I ‘transitioned’ from a small company to unemployment.  This was only supposed to be for a month and then I was supposed to go to work for a much larger (seriously larger) corporation.  Well, I ended up being unemployed from Valentine’s Day until just about the 1st of May.  (That’s 2 and a half months for those of you counting at home.)

In the lead up to my change of employment status, the stress of preparing my old company for my leaving completely overwhelmed me and I ended up stepping back from raiding.  I wasn’t doing a very good job of it and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to care at that point.  I figured that for my own mental health (and that of my poor raid leader) I should probably stop raiding completely.  I stopped raiding sometime in January and just did a few casual things after that.

I ended up bingeing on WoW the first month or so that I was off.  I got one of every character to 90, except for a death knight.  I transferred my druid back to the Horde and played with friends over on Llane for a while.  And then, I slowly burned out.

It was small at first.  I’d log in and then idle.  I’d sit and read at my desk or I’d watch Netflix (I got all the way through Supernatural!) and eventually I just stopped logging in and snuggled up with my cats in the tv room.  The expansion wasn’t grabbing my attention, but I kept trying to find things to do to keep my love affair with Warcraft alive.  I wasn’t ready to move on yet.

Then a friend visited and showed me the Youtube videos for Wildstar.  I fell in love.  I got a beta pass for the next beta weekend and forced Husband to play with me.  I was hooked.  By the time I got the phone call in April to start my job, I had already decided to buy Wildstar and give up my WoW subscription.  I barely played the last month of my paid time in Warcraft.  And by the time I started my new job in May, I had pretty much stopped playing all video games during the week because the commute (a WHOLE HOUR ROUND TRIP) and the weirdness of having over 10 people in the office with me was making me a little stir crazy.

Tomorrow is my one month anniversary at my new job and I’m feeling very settled.  I’m extremely busy and I’m really happy.  I have my own office with a door.  I can listen to whatever music I want and I’m in the middle of town.  Husband and I carpool sometimes (like tomorrow!) and I like my coworkers.  However, these last 5 months have been very cleansing for me.  I’m very very relaxed and at peace for the first time in forever.  And while I miss playing with Husband, we’ve picked up other things to do together.  (Like playing Ingress!)

So, I’m currently residing on Nexus.  So expect to see some posts here about that.  I’m not too willing to give up this blog just because I am not playing WoW.  Karegina still exists, she’s just a Mordesh now.

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