Adventures in PVP Land

Playing on a PVP server has given me a completely different mindset.

My first day, I refused to go anywhere alone.  I took Husband with me everywhere.  I think it annoyed him.  We went to Halfhill, we went to Stormwind, we went to the Shrine.  The second day, I needed a meta gem.  So I flew to the Tavern in the Mists.  And hovered out of range while I scanned the area for red names.  I didn’t see anyone, so I ran in to buy my items.  Then I ran out, hopped the flight path and panted while I flew away, relieved to have made it out in one piece.

Each day, I ventured a little further from the Shrine on my own.  I went to Halfhill and made it to my farm without getting killed.  I went to the raid entrance and didn’t get ganked.  I lived a whole week and Karegina never got touched by a Horde character.  My lowbie alts, however, were not so lucky.

I was always careful to go AFK inside the Shrine or at a place where I was unflagged.  And I became a little more … aggressive.

Before raid, I would engage with my guild in killing the Horde that were trying to terrorize the other Alliance flying outside the raid entrance.  I remember chasing down a hunter who had tried to kill one of our priests and sleeping his pet while him up.  That was my first ‘world PVP’.  It only got worse from there.

I started going out to raid early, looking for a fight.  Then came the day that Husband was killed outside at the training dummy.  He’d gone AFK and came back to find a shaman had killed him.  Well, a few hours later, when it was raid time, I ran out through the main Shrine door and was immediately flame shocked and lava burst.  So I turned around, and ran to an alternate exit.  Then I mounted up, flew up to where ever it was that the shaman was hiding, landed behind him and blasted the ever loving crap out of him.

His corpse fell to the ground, since apparently he’d decided to hop on a drake and fly out of range of melee strikes.  Apparently he forgot about ranged attacks.

Then, this past weekend, I was standing around in the Shrine, trying to decide what I should do next, when I got a whisper asking if I could fly a monk somewhere.  I said I could and got a group invite.  I flew out to Mogu’shan Palace where the monk was standing before the heroic instance, fighting with a undead rogue.  So I landed, dotted up the rogue, and killed him.  (I do admit that this felt pretty good.)  I got sapped, but the dots killed the rogue before he could do anything to me.  So I turned into a dragon, the monk mounted up and I flew him 200 feet in the air to the platform above the instance.  And made 100 gold for killing a rogue.  Best. Thing. Ever.

So apparently I’ve turned from Karebear into a bloodthirsty jerk.  I think it’s the worgen in me.  I was a loving Femtaur (tm @notanna) but now I’m a crazed Worgen.  Sorry guys.  No more fluffy bunny lover here.  Only viciousness!

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