Fail Moonkin Away ….

Where have I been?  Well, I’m still Alliance and I’m still on a PVP realm.  I’ve been failing my way through Heroic 25 man Siege for the last month.  Every time I think I’m doing better, something screws up and my self confidence is shot to crap again.

Apparently I have a big disconnect between movement and dps-ing.  I’ve been going to hang out in the Proving Grounds for DPS a bit, but I think if I’m going to do THAT I need to make myself an actual set with a meta and a weapon that isn’t a heirloom.  I’ve also been working on the Brawler’s Guild a bit.  I’m on the Hexagon guy right now.  He’s a jerkface and I am having a hard time dps-ing him and moving around with my mouse.  Moving with my mouse seems counter to everything I’ve done for 8+ years so it’s throwing everything off.

I finally seem to have my rotation down.  Maybe?  It’s kinda insane to actually have a rotation after so many years of being a healer.  I keep trying to remember to use my cooldowns but good luck with those.  I’ve gotten to the point that I’m remembering to use my potions at the pull but not any other time.  I am using my symbiosis and I am using my procs a lot more.

I have a whole new set of Weakauras for my Moonkin items and I’m going to be working on them a little bit tonight I think.  I need more sound ones for what I’m doing.  I never realized how sound oriented I am.

I’ve moved around my keybindings and am trying out a few mouseover macros for my instant cast DoTs that seem to also be helping.  I need get SOMETHING for my nameplates that work better then what I have now.  I hate the way nameplates are.  They are so infuriating to me.  They keep moving and twisting and spinning.  How do you guys deal with that?

Anyway.  If you are a moonkin in a heroic raiding guild, please drop me a line.  karegina (at) yserasadughter(dot)com.  I could use the help.  You have no idea.  (Also, you can see my gemming/gearing/whatever over here.)

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