Wednesday Catch-up

It has been a hectic couple of weeks.  BlizzCon happened, the new expansion was announced, the internet exploded, and real life has been sitting on my head and beating me up.  So, let’s do a general round-up of things I want to talk about.

Raiding is … well it’s raiding.  I’m not very comfortable in the role I’m currently in.  DPS is something that I dabbled in before but my mindset has always been a healer one.  I spend too much time looking at the bars of my fellow raiders and not enough time dps-ing the boss.  And my numbers are showing that.

BlizzCon weekend, we ended up doing 10 mans and I got to DPS and heal for that.  It was the unanimous decision of the group that 10 mans aren’t as forgiving as 25’s and we ended up wiping a LOT to things that are just brushed over in the 25’s. I figured out I had enough coins for the Timeless Isle trinket, so I ran and picked that up.  (I had the Darkmoon Faire trinket and a trinket from MSV.  Both 489 or below.)

Then last week hit.  It was a hard week for me in real life.  Work was stressful, I got yelled at by my employer and by various customers, we had a flat tire and ended up replacing 3 of the tires on our minivan.  I am trying to find another job (my employer knows that) and that’s sapping a lot of my energy.  So, a lot of stress at the work site.  On Friday, I got yelled at so badly by my boss that I spent the majority of my afternoon in tears.  I was so upset that it was Sunday before I could even explain to the Husband what had transpired on Friday.

So I was a mess going into raid on Friday night.  And I apparently kept screwing up in different parts of raid.  I kept trying to shake off my work day but it just wasn’t happening.  So I didn’t perform in raid as best I could and I got yelled at for the first time in my raiding career.  By the end of raid, I was so embarrassed and ashamed of how I played that I logged off and went to bed.

The next day, I spent some time cleaning the house and the car.  And I leveled my new baby gnome monk girl.  Until she got camped by some jerk blood elf paladin.  Because a level 15 gnome is really that threatening to a level 90.  Asshat.  So, leveling on a PVP server is the suck.  I don’t know how you guys do it.  Then I tried to go avenge her death (and the deaths of my quest NPCs) by getting my main and yeah.  That didn’t go well either.  I really suck at PVP and when it’s a warlock and a paladin VS a crappy pvp ungeared druid, the druid dies A LOT.

This is actually what went through my head while I was doing this.

Anyway, raid time comes around and I’m dreading going back in and being completely fail again.  I fully expect to be sat after my craptastic showing the previous night, so it was a surprise to me when I get pulled in and an even bigger surprise when we actually one shot the boss I’d been causing wipes on the night before.

So then we move on to Spoils of Pandaria (and again I’m expecting to be sat) but they put me in and after a while, we manage to get a kill there too.  So I’m now 10/14 Heroic.  And Husband is 8/14 Heroic.  So that’s exciting.

Gear wise, I’m finally getting somewhere.  I managed to pick up 2 heroic Moonkin trinkets this past weekend, as well as a normal hat, heroic warforged pants (!!! they replaced a Timeless piece), the heirloom caster mace off Garrosh, and a warforged offhand off Garrosh.  So now, the only item that isn’t normal or better is a ring I got from Flex.  So right now I have 4 heroic items (fully VP upgraded), 1 legendary cloak, 5 normal items (fully VP upgraded), 1 heroic warforged item (half upgraded), 1 warforged item (not upgraded), 1 normal item (not upgraded), 1 heroic item (not upgraded) 1 flex item (fully VP upgraded), and a heirloom weapon.  And my ilevel (equipped) is 567.  So, that’s better then last week when it was 559.  Yay!

Now, if only I can get my damage done/dps up there.  It’s improved by about 80K but that’s not good enough for me.  I want to be up there, I don’t want to hang out dps wise with the tanks and healers. We’ll see if the research I do today improves anything.  I hope it does.  *crosses fingers*

But that is where I’m at now.  I love Hearthstone too.  I got a beta key (so did Husband) and we’ve been playing around in there.  I’m really bad at it, but whatever!

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