Feelings, nothing more then feelings …

So I am having a lot of fun.  However, compared to the rest of my guild.  I suck ass.  Just saying.  I’m really not used to that.  I’m used to being at the top of my game so being at the bottom is really odd for me.

I went into our first raid completely ready to dps.  I was gemmed and enchanted for being a boomkin.  I had picked my symbiosis target and I was READY to completely suck and not know WTF I was doing.  So, when the raid leader asked if I was a tree, I did fish lips for a few seconds, then started to panic, hearthed back to Shrine, looked at my completely unorganized bank, panicked even more, offered 10’s of thousands of gold to anyone who would give me reckless and haste gems, reforged, came back to the raid and promptly lived my life in Group 5 for the rest of the night.

I did managed to get a ton of heroic kills however.  So I’m now …. 9/14 Heroic?  And I did manage to get a Garrosh kill.  So yay there!  But I felt like complete crap because at the end of my 2nd night, I died to something really fucking stupid on Garrosh (his purple smash thing) and boy did that look stupid to my new guild.

Anyway.  I do like them.  They are funny and even when they’re yelling about stuff it makes me giggle.

Mage: I can’t kill the sparks by myself.
Ret Pally: Not with that attitude

See, it cracks me up.

Anyway.  They are really helpful and very nice from what I’ve seen so far.  I have a hunter who is whispering me most of the raid, helping me through the finer points of the fight, like how to use deterrence to clear the bubbles on Malkorak and the bombs on Spoils.

I did get a little star struck after raid on Friday night talking to Theck about bunny pictures.  I didn’t fangirl all over the place, I managed to hold back but afterwards I just stared at my husband and said “I just talked to Theck about bunny pictures over Vent.” and Husband said “You healed Theck in a raid.”  And I might have started to hyperventilate because while I want this so badly and I know that I want it so badly, I’m suddenly all kinds of doubt filled.

It’s like the Sha of Doubt just moved into my computer room.

So, I went out after raid this weekend and got some moonkin-ish addons.  I spent a couple hours on the Isle learning what I need to do and farming.  I looked up other moonkins, I looked up rotations, tonight I’m going to find heroic raiding moonkins and watch their videos.  I AM GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT DAMNIT.

Anyway.  I also got to go play with TraumaII on Sunday.  I kinda let myself be myself in their raids.  And they put up with me.  I seriously should come with a warning label.  Now that I’m comfortable in the blogging/twitter universe, I’ve kinda let my hair down, so to speak.  So I’m all kinds of inappropriate.  Sorry guys.

I should put that on my Twitter page and somewhere on my blog.  I do need to update my blog header.

Anyway.  I’m not going to Blizzcon.  But next year, I’m selling my Husband for the opportunity to go.  His only requirement is that I sell him to someone who is also going to Blizzcon.  So PST/DM for prices.

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  1. Welcome to Cadenza! It takes some getting used to but once it happens you’ll never want to go back to “normal” guilds!

    I’m away for a few more weeks but I look forward to meeting you when I get back. (And yay! I’m not the only full time girl anymore!)

    • Yay! Hi! You were actually part of the reason we looked at Cadenza. Your post on how they treated you when you joined! So we’re both really happy to be there!

      But yeah! I can wait to meet you when you come back! And I’m supposed to tell you that Inanna misses seeing your name in his Healed By list :)

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