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As I have mentioned before, I haven’t played an Alliance character seriously since midway through Burning Crusade.  This isn’t to say I haven’t leveled the occasional blue-tinted character through the starting zone, through the new zones or through any of the old expansions.  In fact, I did manage to level a human mage to 70 during Burning Crusade (she was my main when Husband started to play) and just this year I managed to level my original druid to 90.  (She was a night elf but she’s now a worgen, apparently I just have a dislike for those purple skinned things.  Sorry night elves.)

I’ve tried to keep up with the story line for the Alliance but as most of you know, the story hasn’t been that interesting.  I loved Bolvar back in Vanilla.  My gnome rogue used to go hang out with him and the young Anduin back when Onyxia was still hanging out there.  I loved the Dwarven King, Magni Bronzebeard and I used to go “rescue” his ungrateful daughter all the time.

When we went Horde full time, it was hard for me at first.  I loved those characters so much.  However, I did like Thrall, and Cairne and even Sylvanas.  I had a hard time with Vol’jin though.  I don’t know what it was about him that I just couldn’t like at first.  (He grew on me as I was in the Horde longer.)  I never thought about the Blood Elves’ Leadership as part of the Horde until Mists to be honest.  I just called him Regent Ponytail and left it at that.  (I mean everyone knows they gave the Blood Elves to the Horde so the Horde could have a pretty race right?)

When Wrath came out, I got more invested in the Horde storyline.  My Horde mage was a undead.  Yes, my main was a Tauren, but my rogue, my warlock and my mage were all undead.  Killing the Lich King, the creator of this undeath that has locked so many people into this hell that they are in was so important to me.  I remember watching my friend playing Warcraft 3.  Watching the cinematic where Arthas comes into the throne room with all the people cheering, his father moving forward to greet him and then dying by his son’s hand.  That needed to be avenged.

The betrayal at the Wrathgate broke my heart.  Watching Saurfang the younger take his last breath, having to return his armor to his father and then watching Bolvar look out and see the dragons coming to cleanse the plague too late to save the fallen, just killed me.  Knowing that Bolvar and Saurfang had combined their forces to face Arthas gave me hope and to see the goddamn traitors wipe everyone out and set the war back, well I’m surprised that Jaina was able to hold Varian back from destroying everyone in the Undercity.

I did Battle for the Undercity on both my Alliance and my Horde characters before it was removed.  It was epic on both sides.

Every trailer that came out just drove me towards that goal.  (Except the raid for the Trial of the Crusader, that still doesn’t make sense to me.)  Standing before Arthas, looking at the body of my beloved Bolvar hanging there, vengeance for MY people burned in my heart.  When Bolvar took the mantle of the Lich King, I wanted to weep.  For I know that someday, we will probably end up in Northrend again.  Killing the Fire Lich King.  And I dread that day.

When Thrall stepped down from Warchief and handed the mantle over to Garrosh, I was very angry.  I ranted and complained to everyone who would listen (my husband and best friends and parts of my family).  I swore I would go back to the Alliance because “Garrosh is going to wreck the Horde and while Varian is crap, at least he is a known quantity”.  Well, I ended up staying because I didn’t want to give up on everything.

I read the books, I heard the Alliance players complain that the storyline was too Horde-based, I played the story from both sides.  (Twilight Highlands?  Much more fun as a Alliance character.)   So, yeah, I do agree.  Cataclysm seemed to be very light on Alliance story.  I didn’t really play much Alliance during Cataclysm because I was really busy leveling alts through the new vanilla zones.  The new Alliance zones that I went through I loved.  They made me weep because of how sad they were (Darkshore broke my heart).

So now Mists.  Every single thing that happened in this expansion made me hate my own faction more and more and more.  I hated Garrosh’s Horde so much that I was ready to pound on the doors of the Shado-Pan Monastery and beg them to let me in.  The Revolution couldn’t get here fast enough.  Did you know that if you talk to the Guards in the city (the Kor’kron Overseers, the ones you kill in the instance) they say “I know what you’re planning and when you do, we’ll be ready for you”?  Assholes.  Come at me bro.  /lunge /brohat /throws arms wide /bro-headtilt

One of the things I am really sad about is that my title, when I get it, won’t say “Liberator of Orgrimmar”.  It’s going to say “Conqueror of Orgrimmar”.  I at least wanted to be a Liberator for an hour or so.  But if I have to go in and conquer it to set the Horde free from the tyranny that is Garrosh the Insane, so be it.

However, as I was saying before (this is a very stream of conscious post), I am more comfortable with my switch to Alliance at this time period because of how things sit right now.  Varian, while a jerk, has been tempered somewhat.  In the opening scene of us coming to Pandaria, he doesn’t get a shit about the new land, all he cares about is finding his son.  In the Alliance scenario, he advices patience when told to hurry his attack.  It seems that he has found a balance and has become a better king.  (I really need to get that Wolfheart book.)

My heart will always bleed Red but for now I am content to have the Blue wash over me and surround me.


In other news, our first raid is tonight and I’m terrified.  TERRIFIED.  I am having all kinds of second thoughts and while I know that I will perform my best, I don’t want them to be like “YOU SUCK /GKICK”.  Now, time to go have a mental breakdown for the next 4.5 hours (Actually, I’ll be watching videos and everything for the next couple of hours.  So nervous.)

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  1. See? THIS IS WHAT I MISS. The story is one of the best woven worlds out there and it creates on that is easy to connect to. We relate, we mourn, we avenge, etc. We do all that for the characters and events that we feel a part of. After four expansions, I still don’t know which side I’m happy with. I’m still a Tauren at heart (and a Dwarf Priest, but let’s ignore that for a moment), but one has to think change is coming.

    On one hand, you have the Alliance who currently sit without real conflict. Varian agreed to a cease fire until the Horde piss on the fires of the Alliance again. There’s nothing else threatening his kingdom unless something big comes (at BlizzCon). So actually, for me, it’s the Horde story that’s about to become more interesting. Garrosh is out and everything that he did affected the Horde as a whole. Rebuilding from that taint and moving on under the evolving leadership of Vol’Jin has potential for a sound journey. Plus, sooner or later the Horde have to turn their head and go…”hold on a second. Sylvanas…WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?!?!”

    • Sylvanas reminds me of a 4 year old. She’s off making a shit ton of noise and then suddenly she’s silent. You don’t notice the silence right away but by the time you do it’s too late. SOMETHING is a huge fucked up mess and you know it’s somewhere and you know you’re going to have to fix it but you have NO IDEA where it is. And then she’s suddenly with the rest of the kids, playing with them and you are watching her like ‘WTF did you do while you were so quiet??” and she’s like “I’m an angel.”

      Honestly, I think that one of the big baddies is going to end up being Wrathion. (Dick.) And I think he’s going to do it just to draw everyone together. As best he can.

      • I didn’t do any of his stuff prior to my hiatus. The lowbie questing I just never got to. Tum just met him in Pandaria (before he actually gets you to do anything). I am familiar with the lore of his low level stuff, but don’t really know anything else. I wanted Siori to get her daggers but it just wasn’t in the cards at the time, so I didn’t get far enough in that to deal with him either.

        He struck me as someone who seemed to be plotting over time prior to actually executing anything. But, what that was, I still don’t know (says the guy who claimed to be keeping up with lore).

        Did he do enough or become enough to warrant being a badass boss? Either way, could it be pulled off without being another Father-Son tale similar to what we just went through with the Hellscreams?

        • Wrathion has his fingers in everything during Mists. He’s the one who sends you on the expansion long quest for your legendary cloak. He’s the one who sends you to kill Garrosh and when you do (for Horde) you find out he’s been backing the Alliance the whole time. (Asshole.) I don’t know what he says to the Alliance. (I can’t do the quest again on Karegina.)

          He’s trying to combine us into 1 fighting force and he was hoping that Varian could crush the Horde and get us all together so we could defeat the Burning Legion, whom he sees returning to Azeroth. (Go look up his cut scenes, they’re pretty awesome. I still hate him. And I’ll kill him if I get a chance.)

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