For the ….. Alliance?

So, a lot has happened since my last post.  My silence started off because I flew to Georgia to visit a old guildmate of mine for her birthday.  She was one of my very first guildleaders (for Daughters of the Alliance back on Bronzebeard) and I just adore her.  We’ve kept in touch all these years (over 8 years now) and I was so excited to go back and celebrate her birthday.  It was a complete surprise to her so I had to keep it a secret, which was really hard so I just had to stop writing.

We had a really good time, we went apple picking in a orchard that had no apples.  So I got to ask when the apples respawned.  We explored a graveyard in the middle of Atlanta.  We went to a waterfall.  The flightpath between Atlanta and Portland was really long and boring.  I couldn’t afk through it though.

And like any good Horde-y I parked in the red lot at the Portland airport!

So I came home last Monday and started raiding with my guild on Tuesday.  However, a few things happened that I am not going to talk about here and by Wednesday after raid, Husband and I were in agreement that we needed to leave.  I love my GMs and my co-healer and Husband’s co-tank but we both were in agreement that we wanted more.

So I asked around and found that Cadenza was recruiting.  I’m not sure if most of you know but Cadenza is the guild that Theck and Rykga are in.  So I sent Theck a message and he directed me to their officers.  I talked to them and after a couple conversations, Husband and I were accepted as a ret paladin and a moonkin.

However, Cadenza is an Alliance guild.  And we’ve been Horde since Burning Crusade.  And it’s on a PVP server.  And I am terrified of PVP!  (My first solo excursion was a sea of red names.  It was terrifying.)  And they are a 25 man guild!  I haven’t done 25’s since Wrath!  When I was trying to herd 25 raiders myself.  It was like herding 25 kittens who could complain in English, loudly.  Argh!

So.  I’m now a Worgen with permanent sniffles (I think she’s allergic to her fur) and my husband is a adorable little Dwarf female paladin.  (I think he did that to make me smile honestly.  He was going to go Human but I frowned at him a lot and scoffed.)

The first thing anyone in guild said to me was “MOONKIN????????” and from then on, when they noticed that I was a druid they would go “OMG A MOONKIN???” You would think I was a mythical creature or something.  Also, apparently I’m the only other druid in the guild besides the resto druid officer.  And from what was said in guild chat, all the other druids they’ve ever gotten have been female.  The guildleader is convinced that the druid officer pees on the trees to mark his territory.

Anyway.  I am very sad that we left the Horde and our last guild.  It’s been 1 day and I miss them.  I am expecting many deaths from me flying into the Horde shrine and other Horde places that I’m used to flying into.  However, I’m hopeful that I will make a home here.  Even if my heart is still Red.

For the Alliance.

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  1. To tell you the truth i follow your blog but i never bothered checking if you were horde or alliance… So your post title really had me like “wow that something i didnt know about so and so…Cool”. anyhow welcome to the alliance.

    I hope you find happiness in this new adventure.

  2. So jealous! I miss my Blue colors. Hope you’re having fun. :-)

  3. Oh sure, NOW you go blue…where was this like a year ago?!?! Oh, right. Well, yes, those Myth folk were pretty awesome. Still, welcome to the other fun side (because there’s nothing wrong with liking both).

  4. “I am expecting many deaths from me flying into the Horde shrine and other Horde places that I’m used to flying into.”

    Yes. If my experiences are typical then yes, many deaths from exactly that, each just as unexpected as the first but with an increasing amount of “What? AGAIN?!” afterward.

    • I was in Dalaran and flew into the Sunreaver territory to use the portal and was honestly so confused when I got thrown out. SO CONFUSED. And Husband just LAUGHED at me.

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