BlizzCon and RL Loots

I adore all things World of Warcraft.  I have mentioned before how I have all kinds of Warcraft merchandise around my house but with the new items that were just announced in the BlizzCon store, I am currently drooling over a couple of things.  And I’m really bummed that I’m broke right now.

Now, I haven’t bought a virtual ticket.  I never have bought a ticket to BlizzCon because we’re always broke when they go on sale and I never have the thousands of dollars it would cost Husband and I to go down to California to attend.  However, I did hear that there is a Judgment bathrobe on sale in there.  And I swear to the Earthmother that if I had a spare hundred dollars laying around, I would be shoving that money into Blizzard’s hands so fast they would think it sprouted there.

Husband’s 35th birthday is coming up in just under 2 weeks (October 25th!) and I want to get him something special.  I think getting him a very Paladin thing (and honestly, how much more typically Paladin can you get then that) would be awesome.

So, if I can’t do something special for Husband, at least I can do something special for someone else.  @NotAnna on Twitter was saying she wanted a Murloc plushie.  Well, I actually have two.  One that I was given as a present from BlizzCon a few years ago from my best friends and another that I was given as a present from my adopted sister a few years ago.  I have them sitting next to my monitor with my baby doll that I carried around when I was a little girl (yes, I have my baby doll from when I was 3-5).  They are also next to the My Little Pony that my other best friend/adopted sister made me for my birthday this year.  (She’s Princess Hopalot.)

So, I offered her one of my Murloc plushies.  So, on Tuesday, I will carefully box up one of my beloved Murlocs and send him to his new home where he will be much loved and cared for.  And I am so happy that she is happy.  Because I really REALLY love making people happy.  And this thrills me that I can do something that makes someone so happy.

Other Warcraft things I have around my house are the AM/PM cups from that promotion a few years ago, a Resto Druid ring that I got from one of Big Bear Butt’s friends, one of those Warcraft pose-able figures, a Paladin in a bubble (hearthing), a number of Warcraft shirts (including a druid shirt, a tanking paladin shirt, a Blizzcon shirt, a healer shirt, a raid leader shirt and various others), a metric f-ton of books, all the collectors editions except for the original one, a Horde symbol on the back of my minivan and mudflap cut-outs of my tauren and Husband’s blood elf on my Toyota Corolla’s back window.  I love Warcraft things and would decorate my house in nothing but Warcraft, Doctor Who, cats and frogs if I had my way.  (I don’t, so I have a few other normal things in there as well.)

So yeah.  That’s it.  If anyone has a spare Judgment bathrobe laying around … I have a husband who needs a birthday present!

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