Bear Tanking and Me – A Retrospective

A long time ago, in an expansion far far away, my preferred dps spec was kitty not boomkin.  My guildleader at the time refused to allow any boomchickens in her guild and threatened to kick me out if I ever sprouted feathers while sporting her guild tag.

Since I had leveled with my husband and our friends, I ended up leveling as kitty (since honestly back in vanilla there was almost no int leather to be had) and we had a healer shaman (Shonokoko, who was a tauren then), a elemental shaman (Reidatotem, the previous tauren main of my husband Paliclaus), a tank (Udderstomp a tauren warrior) and a mage (Alyred the blood elf).  So we needed a melee to round out our group.

When we got to 70, I put my leaves on and had a grand time healing but even now and then I would throw on fur and claws and rip my way through Karazhan.  Every now and then, we’d have enough healers but no tanks, so I’d portal to Moonglade and spend my hard earned gold to respect to a bear.

I loved it.

There was something about running around as a big fluffy bear that I adored.  Udder and I would chain pull everything and since I couldn’t get disarmed, I would tank certain mobs that he couldn’t deal with.  I never got to tank any 25 mans, nor did I get out of Kara but I did do some 5 man heroics and I loved it.

When we reformed in Wrath, I laid aside my bear aspirations and concentrated on being a tree.  I leveled as kitty to 80 and then put aside my claws for my leaves again.  I didn’t pick them back up again for most of the expansion as we were constantly short healers.  Since I was no longer under my old guildleader’s guild tag, I put on feathers and discovered I much preferred being ranged then melee and I’ve never really looked back.

Every now and then, towards the end of the expansion, I build up a bear set and carry it around in my bags.  I’ll spec into bear for a couple days, do maybe a run or two in heroics to say “Yes I totally did tank in X expansion” and then shard the whole thing.

Sunday night, I ended up looking at the 2 pieces of “Upgrade” gear I could get for my druid from the Timeless Isle plus the 4 complete sets of BOA Leather that I had obtained over the last few weeks.  I upgraded a few pieces of my Boomkin set and then put my loot specialization to ‘Guardian’ and started making myself gear.  I’d already obtained a Warforged hat and gloves from SoO for transmog.  (What?  DO NOT LOOK AT ME THAT WAY!)  So I just gemmed and enchanted everything.  I got myself the legendary tanking cloak, the meta, and now I just need 2 tanking trinkets.  (I think I can probably go use the item restoration service to grab one that I sharded a while ago.)

I bought 3 crappy blue pieces from the AH (neck piece and rings) but I already have a two hander (the sha-touched one) and yeah.  So, watch out world.  I can be a bear now.

Be afraid.

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  1. Yay Bear! :) I am also a bear and it’s a bit embarrassing as I have some nice gear for someone who knows very little abotu raid tanking!

    • My gear isn’t too bad but as I know crap about bear, it’s pretty bad that I know nothing. My GM told me I would be tanking Garrosh on Monday and I just about crapped. (Does a bear crap in Siege of Org? Apparently so!!)

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