Lore: Ji and Aysa

Every time I enter Orgrimmar proper in Siege of Orgrimmar, the same scene plays out.  Ji Firepaw is before Garrosh’s fortress, between the bank, the inn and the auction house.  He’s been beaten badly and is bloodied and near death.  And the Pandarian lady that he had admired from afar on the Wandering Isle rushes to him and professes her love for him.

Aysa Cloudsinger is graceful and perfect to Ji.  When you nudge him to approach her, he gets flustered and says she would find it creepy and weird.  As we progress through the Pandarian starting zone, we see that each of them embody the two different Pandarian paths, Tushui (aka Alliance) and Houjin (aka Horde).  The two of them bicker and argue as young Pandarian adventures discover what is ailing their Isle and set out to fix it.  Their biggest disagreement is how to deal with the ship that has crashed into the turtle.  Ji wants to blow it up and Aysa disagrees with that course of action.

Ji chooses to take up the banner of the Horde and Aysa accompanies the Alliance when the adventurers leave the Wandering Isle.  However, you never forget your first love and Ji still remembers Aysa.  And Aysa came to Orgrimmar looking for Ji.  And she found him, almost dead.

Once her path is clear, she rushes to his side and picks him up.  Telling him they will return to the Wandering Isle and be together, she carries him away from the violence of the battle and doesn’t return.

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  1. I’ve been wondering about their story each week when I’m in there I just hadn’t got around to googling them. I’m so glad she found him again before it was too late.

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