Talents in 5.4 – Some Thoughts

I have been running with the same talents (with a few changes) for almost the entire expansion.  Every now and then, I’ll pick a new one for a new fight but then I’ll come back and use my ‘old stand-by’ shortly after downing the new fight.

However, I ended up switching a couple of talents for different fights and I’m just in love with them.

The last time I had used anything other then Feline Swiftness was when we were doing progression in Mogu-shan Vaults.  And I’d been using Displacer Beast to get out of the ground pound effect on Feng the Accursed.  Then I went back to Feline Swiftness and never looked back.  However, I ended up going BACK to Displacer Beast for another ‘easy getaway’ on Thok and I ended up keeping it for Siegemaster.  Which is wonderful because I use it to ‘blink’ through those red lines/horrible drill lines.

With the new Ysera’s Gift talent, I immediately took that.  It’s a no brainer and I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love that it heals me and I don’t have to think about it, but I hate that I don’t have to think about it.

Next tier, I use Typhoon.  I am Queen Goalie of Knockbacks in my guild and have a great time running around pushing around npcs.

Now, is the ‘through put’ tier.  Let me just say this.  I hate Incarnation.  I hated it when it was Tree Form and I hate it now that it’s a talent.  I have only used it when forced to by my guild.  I LOVE Soul of the Forest and had used that for the majority of my raiding this expansion.  Until I discovered how much I love having treant minions.  YES I HAVE MINIONS NOW.  So, now I run around with my little minions.  And I love them.  They are happy and healy and make me happy tree.  They may go away when I get my 4-piece but for now, they are my slave treants.

I hate the next tier.  I use Ursol’s Vortex because it pulls things back to one place and that was helpful on Tortos and The Emperor’s fight thing in Mogu’shan Vaults.

And lastly, I actually change around my last talent depending on what is happening.  I used to use Heart of the Wild but now I normally use Nature’s Vigil.  If we’re 3 healing a 2 heal fight, I’ll use Dream of Cenarius so I can dps a bit.

But yeah.  Those are my thoughts on the talents for this tier.  I’m sure all of you care but hey, it’s my blog so let me show you my thoughts.

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  1. What strikes me most is that blizzard are complaining about healers having smart auto heals and they give druids ysera’s Gift a smart auto heal.

    • I have noticed that Ysera’s Gift is doing about 5% of my overall heals each fight. (Of course some fights it’s closer to 7% and some fights it’s closer to 3% but it averages about 5%). My efflorescence is about 20+% of my heals depending on how spread out the fight is. I am relying a LOT on just rejuv blanketing these days with Regrowth and Healing Touch touch-ups as needed. Here is my last Dark Shaman kill. You can see my spell priority pretty well there.

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