First Forays into Proving Grounds

So I’ve only made two forays into the proving grounds thus far.  The first time, I asked Husband where they were, flew to the Temple, queued in my 13K+ haste raid gear and downed Bronze Healer and Silver Healer with no problems.  I failed at Gold on wave 9 and since it was ‘late’ aka after 9pm on a work night, I shrugged, quit out and went to bed.

Last night, I had some time on my hands so I took a look at what gear I had laying in my bank still from previous tiers (because I am weird and keep things for transmog) and then hit up the justice point vender and AH to buy the items I knew I wanted or needed to get replacements for (IE my legendary cloak and other items that I had put straight haste gems in to meet my haste breakpoint).  I got lucky because I had a helm, and weapon in my bank that were still gemmed and enchanted.  I had shoulders in my void storage and I managed to gem and enchant the things I bought off the AH and JP vendor to get myself just perfectly at the correct haste breakpoint with no reforging once I was in the proving grounds.  (I did pick up the Darkmoon Faire trinket for 5K.  Which was awesome.  The other ones on the AH were 20K.  BWAHAHAHAHA.)

I one shot the Gold Healer and then decided that I’d take a crack at the Endless Healer trial.  I made it almost to the end of wave 28 before I ran out of mana and cooldowns and my tank bit it.  I have a couple of thoughts on what I could do better.  I fat fingered a couple of things early on and I was going to give it another shot but it was ‘late’ aka after 9pm so I flipped over to DPS and tried to do the Silver Healer as Boomkin so I could get the You’re Doing It Wrong achievement.  But that sucked and I would get to the last wave and die.  So I ended up going to bed.

I am going to make it to wave 30 so I can get that Proven Healer title and wear it around my raid group.  And then point at it and tell them to bite me when I cause wipes.  Not really, but just teasing them.

Have I mentioned recently that I love my raid group because I do.  I just don’t know if the feeling is mutual these days!

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