Can I talk Resto Druids for a moment?

So, I don’t usually talk about my class and how I think we’re doing very often.  But let me get this off my little tree chest.  I am having a GREAT time this patch.  I really am.  I am loving everything about everything right now.


Efflorescence attached to my mushrooms via a glyph that can be down for a maximum of 5 minutes unless I move them to a different place, AND my charges don’t disappear.  This is awesome.  I can literally put them down, tell my raid group to go there and they do.  I’m not sure if this is because my raid group is awesome or because the spell draws them like bees to a flower.

One mushroom instead of three.  I no longer feel like I’m losing so many globals because I’m trying to place all my mushrooms JUST SO, now it’s like set it and forget it.  And then move it when the group moves.

The changes to Innervate are wonderful.  I get just a little bit more mana back now.  Which makes me really happy.  /love

Lifebloom moving without a glyph.  Thank you Earthmother.  I hated that damn glyph.


The rooms are too big and I often can’t reach everyone in my 10 man.  (That’s about my biggest complaint.)

So yeah, that’s it.  I love my raid team.  They’re awesome and they make me a happy tree.  I went from one family to another family.  How did one little tauren tree ever get so lucky?  /sighs happily

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  1. Spoiler – it’s because your raid is awesome. Most of the raids I’ve been in, even the successful ones, can’t even STACK on command, let alone STACK IN A SPECIFIC SPOT.

    Seriously, give your entire raid a group hug next time you see them.

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