Leveling Weekend!!

Sometime last week, Husband asked me which character was my potion master.  I hemmed and ha-ed and mentioned that she was only 78 and I hadn’t leveled her enough to be a potion master yet.  He sighed and sent his mats to my transmute specced alchemist.  I told him I’d take some time this weekend and get her leveled so that’s what I did on Sunday.

Lillian and I sat down around 10am and started leveling my warlock.  By the time I went to bed, I had a level 85 warlock (she started out at 78).  And I had max alchemy (plus potion master).  Lillian is a good leveling companion.  She sat on my feet and kept them warm all day!

Now, in real life, I also got all the laundry done, the dishes done, lunch made and dinner made!  So it’s not like I just sat on WoW all day and ignored the world.  Just mostly.  So, only 5 more levels until my warlock has capped.  I think that right now I have 3 high level warlocks.  A goblin, A undead and now a blood elf.  Hee.

We also did a flex raid with some Twitter peeps on Saturday.  (Hey Twitter peeps!!)  That was a lot of fun!  We didn’t finish the 2nd wing but aeh! At least I got a chance at my amp trinket!!

I just need to get back into the proving grounds.  But I need to go grind out some new gear for that.  Boohiss.

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