Tuesday Round Up

Happy Tuesday Reset Day everyone!

Man, the first week of raiding was insane.  It didn’t help that it was my birthday week so I didn’t get to spend the amount of time I wanted to in the game.  However, we did get into raid on Tuesday and had a great time in Siege.

The first night we got in and cleared through the first 3 bosses pretty easily.  We got stuck on the cleansing boss.  Umm, Noroshon?  We tried to 2 heal it but that just didn’t work very well.  So we brought back in our 3rd healer and just barely made the berserk timer.  As in, the boss died and so did we.

Then on Wednesday we went in and cleared Sha of Pride in a couple attempts, despite my attempt at soloing him. (I was moving my keyboard around and ended up autorunning into the boss.  My husband was kind enough to use push to talk so everyone could hear my exclamations of ‘oh f, oh f, oh mother fer’ over and over again.  It was awesome.)  We downed Sha and went on to the dragon.  Who we ended up having a hard time with.  The stupid NPCs could NOT disengage the mobs, so I ended up playing goalie for the ranged ones (using Typhoon to push the orcs away when they started to Fracture them).  However, we ended the night there.

On Thursday, Twisted Nether posted my recording of my blogcast!  (You can get it here!) And Husband and I went to introduce ourselves to our newest addition to our home, a 5.5 month old kitten that I have named Lillian Voss.  Our Lillian is a medium haired calico kitten with a shy, yet very loving personality.  She was a feral kitten that was captured by a local no kill animal rescue.  They had her at a foster home for a month or two and we are very happy to have her.  She came home to live with us on Sunday (which was my 35th birthday, yes I am now old).

On Friday, Husband and I sat down and cleaned the house in preparation for a birthday party on Saturday and then spent the remainder of the day grinding out coins and Celestial trials so we could get our Legendary cloaks.  So now we are happily sporting pretty wings.  The only annoying thing?  As a tree, my wings pop out sideways.  Seriously Blizzard, learn Druid anatomy.

Then Saturday we had a birthday party, Sunday we picked Lillian up from the shelter and had more birthday stuff.  (She hid herself under the dishwasher, behind the computers, behind my monitors, under my chairs, etc, etc.)  I also got the achievement Crazy Cat Lady.  So now I am Karegina the Crazy Cat Lady, which is not a surprise to my friends and family.

And then Monday we were back into Siege.  We managed to kill the dragon pretty quickly.  And then moved onto Iron Juggernaut.  Which was a lot of running around and avoiding puddles and things.  Which we ended up killing after 2 or 3 attempts I think?  (Seriously, after the last boss I was a little disappointed.)  Then we went into Org itself and killed a lot of guards, found a lot of flasks laying around (well, I did) and killed a guy to get keys to unlock the cages.  Then us girls got upset because we found dead Tauren and Trolls in the cages and we couldn’t ress them.

And then we killed the Dark Shaman.  After two attempts.  Because the first attempt we pulled them too far away from their spawn point apparently.  Oops.  And then we ran off to save Gamon and ended up following him into Ragefire Chasm and everyone died.  Because that’s what we get for following an angry Tauren.  Seriously.  When will we learn.

But honestly, we really did have a lot of fun.  Only sad part for me is that it looks like my favorite rogue is going to be looking for another guild, which makes me sad.  As I will miss him.  A lot.

I also regemmed to the 13+K haste breakpoint and have seen a nice improve in my output.  So yay there.  Gonna go look at the logs today for that too.  See how bad my overheal is now.  ALL THE OVERHEAL IS BELONG TO ME.

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  1. Happy Birthday, and please….please….don’t say 35 is old.

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