5 man Heroics, LFR, Normal and Heroic Raids

When heroic raids first came out, I remember grumbling under my breath about how I hate having to relearn new mechanics on bosses I already have to learn mechanics on.  I also remember feeling very grumpy and irritated when it was suggested (not even seriously) that we try to do the “Firefighter’ achievement in Ulduar.  I spent most of my time, in those days, trying to figure out ways to get through raid so I could get back to sleep.  I was a very ‘Reluctant Raider’ and I made sure that everyone knew it.

We didn’t touch heroics when they came out in ToC but we did work on them in ICC.  And I begged off as much as I could.  I hated the idea of learning a fight one way only to have to learn it again a different way on a ‘harder mode’.  (My least favorite heroic was Sindragosa, she is a cold unfeeling bitch who just wants my magic to betray me.)

So, when LFR came out and I was told that it wouldn’t have as many of the ‘harder’ mechanics in there, I groaned a bit.  I didn’t actually go into LFR until the summer after it came out and then I only went in on my priest alt.  So I was learning the fights with a different class, so being able to ‘drop’ a few mechanics was nice.

However, in tier 14, I’ve been doing LFRs a lot (as some of you on my Twitter list know) and there is something that I’m really tired of hearing.  “It’s only LFR.”

Yes, this is only LFR.  But that is no excuse to not play to the best of your ability.  “It’s only a 5 man heroic.”  And?  Does that mean you should not try?  Auto follow the healer and pull no dps in the dungeon?  No.  I don’t play this game to carry you.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that most of the player base doesn’t want to carry you through things.  This is not to say that I am opposed to helping new characters in dungeons, and I don’t expect stellar dps or tanking or even healing in my heroics or my LFRs.  I expect to see you at least trying however.

Last night, I was in LFR with a large group of people.  I like going into LFR with these people, they’re fun and they make me laugh.  I also like that they seem to at least try to practice the mechanics for the Normal mode fights.  However, there is always someone who runs around breaking the wind bombs in Wind Lord.  “Just because they don’t hit as hard in LFR.” The point of the wind bombs in LFR (in my opinion) is to practice the mechanic of the fight.  Can you get out of the bomb without breaking any of the others?  Can you get out in the allotted amount of time?  In Normal mode, 1 Wind Bomb will wipe the raid.

I get that it’s fun to be a little more reckless in LFR.  Big trash pulls (like pulling all 4 of the initiates before Blade Lord or the entire platform before Garalon), trying out new specs and new characters.  That’s all great.  But I always expect people to at least try to do the mechanics right.  I personally go into LFR trying to do the mechanics for the Normal 10 man fights.  Sometimes it’s over kill.  That’s fine, at least I’m getting practice.  (Like keeping my stacks of Dread Shadow on Tsulong to 6-9 instead of letting them stack to 30!  Like kiting Garalon and learning when to take pheromones and when not to.)

LFR is called ‘Dummy mode’, ‘Easy mode’ and ‘fake raiding’.  Bull shit.  For some people this is their end game content.  And for some people it’s a giant place to go trolling.  (This is why I go with a large group of people these days.  I hated the trolling that would end up happening towards the end of the week.)  As we get into the heroic raids, and I read up on those differences, I will try to do the heroic mechanics in LFR.  I’m sure a lot of people think I look stupid but I really don’t care.  This is the whole point for my continued adventures into LFR.  I can get my VP faster running heroic 5 mans.

So what is my point here?  We’re about to move into a new tier of raiding.  A lot of the ‘hardcore raiders’ have already raided the new raids on the PTR.  However, for those like me, we will go into the normal mode and then we will venture into LFR and explore the new raid there.  Hopefully not picking up any bad habits that will instantly kill us if we do them in normal mode.  But no promises, right?a


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  1. Never thought that picking up bad habits in LFR was possible until reading your post. Next time I do one, ima have to pay attention as to what I am doing differently if anything.

    • It’s something you don’t think about until you’re in a normal mode or heroic mode raid and suddenly you are wiping to stupid mechanics that you know people know better about. :) I’ve had discussions with the husband about this exact thing. Once you start doing something wrong, it’s hard to stop!! ;)

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