Breaking Radio Silence

Sorry about disappearing on you guys.  It’s been a rough couple of days (I suppose my last post was over a week ago now).  Anyway, we’ve had a tank MIA now for over 2 weeks and our fill in tank left to start his own guild 45 minutes before raid two Saturdays ago.  So stressful situation there.  We’re making the best of it.  However if you are a tank and you wanna work on some heroic 10 man content with a bunch of awesome people, let me know.  We are also looking for a reliable 3rd dps/offhealer if you are one of those as well.  (We raid Saturday and Sundays from 5pm Pacific time until 10pm on Saturday and 8:30 on Sunday).

In my WoW life a lot has happened.  Husband and I decided we would like to see the Alliance side of the story so he faction changed his warrior to a Draenei and I leveled my Worgen druid to 85 and we server transferred them to join Eff the Ineffable over on Azuremyst.  We’ve not had a lot of time to go level this past week (we’re trying to get our mains valor capped before we do anything with any alts) but we are both enjoying the Jade Forest story so far.  We just found the Prince and he mind controlled that dwarf and ran off.  It made me giggle.

I have also jumped, feet first, into doing random lowbie dungeons.  I started with my Alliance druid so I wouldn’t have to quest in Uldum for the umpteenth time and liked it so much I ended up spending all day Sunday doing Northrend dungeons on my undead hunter.  (Husband was out playing tennis so I couldn’t play my Ally toon without him.)  She got from level 74 to almost 79 by doing that with a friend of mine’s pally healer.  I also ended up doing randoms at midnight last night on my baby goblin warlock because I wanted to do a dungeon so bad.  Man there are some bad tanks out there.  And I mean, cloth wearing, pulling all the trash in Scarlet Monastery bad.  Seriously folks.

I have managed to cap my valor points for the last 4 weeks.  I’m at 3795 right now (towards the quest) so I should be done in about 2 and a half weeks.  It’s been hard for me to put so much work towards capping my VP but it’s making Husband happy so off I go.

In lore news, I am hating Garrosh right now.  I’m sure that is not a surprise to those of you who have done the Dominance Offensive quest line.  I finally got around to finishing that (Husband wouldn’t tell me what happened, only that it was cool) and I got so upset.  Being able to kill Garrosh never looked so good.  I’m really wondering what happened between Ashenvale and now.  “You have the stink of demon on you” and then you have to go kill a demon that was tricking someone and NOW Garrosh is openly working with warlocks.  Garrosh, this is my disappointed face.  The Horde I have always known accepted that warlocks are a necessary evil but they were not put into positions of power after what they did to Outlands.  (Tearing apart your world tends to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.)

Anyway, I’m going to continue my ‘How Karegina Resto Druid’s’ series as we progress.  I just need to finish ToES at the very least.  And then MV Heroic as we continue it.  Hopefully next week we’ll get Spirit Kings down.  THAT looks like a fun fight.  I’m really looking forward to it!

So many other (little) things have happened as well, I joined a Twitter leveling guild that @Discopriest started.  I ran LFR with @glyneth and her guild.  That was epic fun for me.  I wanna do it more often.  I ended up with my 4 piece boomkin set after this last raid due to my coin rolls.  And I feel like I’m making friends.  It’s a weird feeling because I tend to NOT make friends.  I’m very standoffish and very shy.  It’s easier for me to keep people at a distance so that when they get mad and leave, it won’t hurt me as much.  And I’m trying to let my guard down and let more people in.  Hopefully this goes well!


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