Tsulong – 10 man Normal

Ah, Tsulong.  How I both loathe and love you.  I love that you are a interesting fight.  I hate that I have to heal you, ala Valithria Dreamwalker.  I love that I don’t have to fly through hoops however, so I guess I love you more then I loathe you.

Now, if I wanted to talk about this fight, I would say that dispelling is probably key.  And remembering that once Tsulong becomes friendly to you, you can dispel him.  I completely forgot about that until my 2nd or 3rd kill on him.  So, let’s get started.

Whichever tank is holding at first is the tank that gets my Lifebloom at first.  And then, as soon as that Sunbeam shows up, I run through it to reset my stacks since then I can hold still and heal while the other healers are running around clearing their stacks.

The Night phase is pretty much normal healing.  Stay out of the bad, dispel the players that get feared, keep your Lifebloom ticking back and forth between the tanks as they trade off.  Since I run Soul of the Forest for this fight, I Swiftmend the tank and then Wild Growth the raid pretty much on cooldown.  (Since they don’t always clear their stacks as well as I would like.  Yes guild, you heard me right.)

I touch them up with Nourish/Regrowth (when I get the Clearcasting proc) and then when the Day phase comes I pull my Lifebloom to Tsulong and stand directly in front of him.  At this point I will pop Nature’s Vigil and then start casting my heals.  I will cast my Cenarion Ward on him, throw a Rejuv, Swiftmend him, Wild Growth, (by then it’s generally time to Dispel him) and follow up with a lot of Regrowths and Nourishes.  I will also use my Tranq at this point in time as well.  I’ve learned that I generally don’t need it during the night phase and the extra healing is really nice for him.  I also like to put my Symbiosis on a Shadow Priest for this boss for the extra Tranq.

When we switch back to Night phase, I put my Lifebloom back on the tank, throw a Cenarion Ward on them and rinse repeat.  We’ve beat him down twice and healed him up once, and the 2nd beat down was almost a heal up.

But, remember that dispel is your best friend.  Dispel is always your best friend.

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