Protectors of the Endless – 10 man Elite

I know I’m jumping around a bit but I’d like to do these ones first as they are the freshest in my mind.  Also, I’ve actually been getting some hits for ‘How to Resto Druid Terrace of Endless Springs”.  So here we go.  First of all, I am again assuming that you are familiar with these fights.  Secondly, I’ve not done this Heroic yet but we did do it Elite, which means killing Kaolan last, so that will be the way I explain this.  Thirdly, I put my Symbiosis on one of the tanks for this fight.

We usually kill Elder Regail first, then Elder Asani and then Protector Kaolan.  Our tanks will tank them together until Regail dies and then the tank holding Kaolan takes him back to the stairs before the portal.  When Regail starts to cast his Lightning Prison, I see if a melee has it and generally dispel them first since they don’t always get away from the other melee.  The only time a melee doesn’t get cleansed first is if one of my fellow healers has Lightning Prison.  I will generally keep my Lifebloom on the tank that is holding both Elders and keep a Rejuv rolling on the other tank.  I make sure to use my Innervate before my mana rolls down to 200K.

Once Regail is dead and the tanks separate, I will move my Lifebloom to the tank holding Kaolan.  I will also try to keep a Rejuv rolling on the players that get Touch of Sha.  (I have my VuhDo set up so I can see who has it.)  I also use my Cenarion Ward (I spec into that because it’s a nice bubble and I haven’t had any issues with too much overheal from it) on the tank holding Asani.  I use my Swiftmend on the Asani tank and keep Wild Growth going since by now a number of the raid has Touch of Sha.  I’ve generally also potted by now (I use Potion of Focus.)

Once Asani’s dead, I stand in the middle and after the first or second Expel Corruption, I will use my Tranq.  By now my Innervate is back up and so I use it again and throw Ironbark on the tank who is holding Kaolan (they are switching at this point in time).  I keep Swiftmending on cooldown and using WIld Growth to keep the raid at about 50% health.  Sometimes they dip a little and sometimes they get up there but it’s generally about 50%.

We have both 2 and 3 healed this and our first kill was a 2 healing kill.  By the time the tanks have made one big lap around the circle, Kaolan is dead and it’s time to collect your loots.


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