Gara’jal the Spiritbinder – 10 man – Normal and Heroic

In today’s installment of ‘How Karegina heals raids’, we will be talking about that butt munch, Gara’jal the Spiritbinder.  Holy hell does he put out a lot of damage.  When we were doing him for 10 man normal progression, we 2 healed him but when we downed him on heroic, we 3 healed him.  Again, I’m assuming you know the basics of the fight.

For this fight, you can’t be shy about talking in Vent/Mumble/Skype/whatever.  You have to be in constant communication to 1. let your other healer know you know you have Voodoo Doll (if you do) and 2. to let the group heading into the Spirit World know that you are in the Spirit Totem and ready to head down there.

Now, we have set teams that head down there.  it is usually our warlock plus our shadow priest for one team, and our shaman and our hunter for the other.  The extra two dps (in regular) float around as needed if one of those team mates are Voodoo Dolled when it’s their turn to head down.

I will keep my Lifebloom rolling on the tank holding Gara’jal.  I, again, run with Soul of the Forest, so I can keep Swiftmending and Wild Growth-ing my way to health and happiness.  When the tank is banished, I just pop my 3 stacks of Lifebloom onto the other tank and keep pressing on.  I also keep a Rejuv up on each Voodoo Doll (that is only common sense).

When the tank starts taking a lot of damage, I’ll pop Ironbark onto them to help mitigate some of the damage.  I also like to put my Symbiosis on the tank (if there is a Monk tank, I prefer that) for the extra cooldown for them (and if it’s a Monk, I get an extra damage reduction cooldown as well).  I save my Tranq for 20% (when he Frenzies).  And I also touch up the raid with Nourish and Regrowth as it is needed.

When I get to go into the Spirit World (and I generally can tell I’m heading down there soon), I will save my Swiftmend, make sure I pre-Rejuv the 2 other people going down with me and instantly Swiftmend/Wild Growth when I get down there.  Then I spam some Regrowths to get myself up, then them and instantly teleport out.  My HoTs carry them pretty nicely while they are down there cleaning things up.

When I come back out, I’m always back at full mana so I can just continue in my healing and after a while, as long as the DPS can clean up the Spirit World, we down the boss and shinies are had.

In Heroic mode, it feels like it is a lot more reliant on the DPS getting their act together then the healers healing ‘harder’.  A big thing to note is that the 2 extra adds that the tanks have to kill to get out of the Spirit World that the raid can see look like the Highborne ghosts in Dragonblight from Northrend.  The one that only the tank can see is red and looks like a Spear and Shield Tiki.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  (They are called Severer of Souls.)

Since we were running three healers, each healer was trying to push out as much ‘dps’ as we could while we were healing.  I popped my Nature’s Vigil at the beginning so I would go in there doing at least some damage.  I also popped it 3 minutes into the fight as well.

Other then that, my routine for healing was about the same.  Just keep Ironbark rolling on the tanks for the mitigation that it does to not only them but the other Voodoo Dolls and make sure you get back up top right away.  Don’t linger in the Spirit World after you got everyone healed up.

Have fun!


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