Feng the Accursed – Heroic and Normal – 10 man

This is part two in my “How Karegina heals raids” series.  So, welcome to “How Karegina heals Feng the Accursed”.  Like my other post, I am assuming that you at least know the basics of the fight, and as I will be talkinag about both normal and heroic, I’ll try to keep the heroic information separate for you.

During progression we three healed this fight because it was really rough with all the unavoidable damage.  And we are three healing it in heroic as well.  Our heroic kill was done with me, our holy pally and one of our healing monks from our guild.  So. let me talk about normal mode first.

The first phase of normal mode is the fists phase.  During this time, on the Epicenters were we don’t have the shield, either I will pop Tranquility (I usually pop it first) or our pally will pop Devotion Aura.  These days, we don’t get more then 3 Epicenters so we don’t have to worry about it too much, plus we generally use one of the Shroud of Reversals to stop one of them. I will keep my Lifebloom on which ever tank is currently holding him (I use Glyph of Lifebloom so I can move all three stacks between my tanks).  And when people take damage, I throw a Rejuv on them and will Swiftmend them if needed to keep my Harmony up.

The second phase is the fire phase (also known as the spear phase), and I will pretty much Swiftmend and Wild Growth on cooldown, using my Soul of the Forest to help fill them up fast.  When he gets his stacks of Draw Flame, I will use my Barkskin on myself and start spamming Nourish or Regrowth (if I have Clearcast procs) on everyone around me.  I’ll also keep Rejuvs on both tanks and the people who end up with Wildfire Spark.  I also use Displacer Beast for this fight so I can ‘blink’ to the area we are supposed to drop the Spark quickly and not drop it in the raid.

For the final phase (in normal), my Tranquility is generally back up.  This is where we Bloodlust and this is where I tend to change my Lifebloom targets from the tank to whoever has Arcane Resonance.  I will also throw my Ironbark on them if their health is just dropping like a rock.  If my Tranq is back up, I’ll use it for the first Arcane Velocity.  If not, I use it for the second one.  By the 3rd, Feng is generally dead.  I will also use my Nature’s Vigil during this phase as some point.

I also like to keep my Symbiosis on a Shaman if possible so I can move, but another person to put it on is a Shadow Priest so there is another Tranquility for phase 3.

Now, for heroic, since you are allowed to start it with any weapon, we started with the Staff (aka arcane), then went to the new phase (Shield), then to Fists and finally to Staff (fire).  Staff phase is pretty much the same, I move my Lifebloom to the Arcane Resonance target and Tranq during one of the first Velocitys.

We then move to Shield and I stand in the middle the entire fight.  I keep my Lifebloom on the tank who is holding him and when it’s time to slow the adds the run towards the shield I use ‘Ursol’s Vortex’ to help slow them down.  It is castable every other shield add spawn phase which means that on the ones the tank is not bubbling with the Nullifcation Barrier, you can use it.  Then I throw Rejuvs on the people who are taking damage and touch them up with Nourish/Regrowth as needed.

Phase three for us was Fists and my Tranquility was back up so I was able to Tranq on the first Epicenter it was needed on.  I kept switching my Lifebloom between the tanks and I make sure that Rejuv is on the people that get the ‘splash’ damage.  I continue using my Swiftmend on cooldown and use Wild Growth as ne`eded.

And then last phase is the Spear Phase which was when we Bloodlusted.  My routine here is the same as in normal.  Don’t drop fire in the raid, switch Lifebloom as needed and use Rejuv/Swiftmend/Nourish and Regrowth to touch everyone up.  So, just keep filling the bars.  Innervate the first time at 200K.  I used my Potion of Focus between phase 2 and 3.  And just kept Innervating on cooldown.

So, that’s how we did it.  Good luck with your attempts.

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