Stone Guards 10 man – Heroic and Normal

At this point in the game, it has been almost universally acknowledged by resto druids that we are one of the weaker classes in the game.  However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t still have our good points and it’s really no excuse to let yourself get sloppy.  We’ve got a lot of buffs coming up in 5.2 but they aren’t out yet, so I have a couple posts I’d like to make about ‘how to heal’ the current raids.  Yes. it is really late in the patch but I am actually getting requests for this as well as hits for this.

Now, let me say a couple of things before I start.  One, being able to two heal a fight when you are starting out is only possible when you have a raid that is able to GTFO of the bad and has very good raid awareness.  Two.  This guide assumes that you have at least read up on the fight that I am about to talk about.

So, let’s start with Stone Guards.  This is a tricky one since every week you get a new configuration.  All you really need to know about configuration is 1. don’t stand in purple bad, 2. don’t stand in blue bad, 3. use Barkskin a lot when shards are being thrown around and 4. HUG YOUR CHAINS PARTNER.  If you are chained to a melee, you are now melee, get your ass in there.

For healing it, I start off by pre-Lifeblooming the tank who is going to hold both puppies.  And I throw a Rejuv on the other.  After a few seconds, I Swiftmend whichever one is taking damage so I can get my Harmony rolling.  As people take damage, I will throw a Rejuv on them and if they keep taking it, I’ll Nourish them or if I have my Clearcasting proc going, I’ll Regrowth.  At this point in time, I’m running the Regrowth glyph that takes away the HOT part and makes the casted part a 100% crit.  I also give my Symbiosis to a shaman if I can so I can get Spiritwalker’s Grace.

Now, I heal with a holy pally and then whatever we can get together for a 3rd healer when it is needed.  At this point in time, we are able to easily two heal regular Stone Guards.  So I heal that with the holy pally.  We are getting pretty good at healing together (he wasn’t comfortable with my hots for a while) and we coordinate our cooldowns.  I tend to keep my Ttranq available for emergencies.  Sometimes there are fights I don’t use it at all.  (If this makes me a bad healer, oh well, I’d rather have it when I need it then use it when I don’t and need it in 20 seconds.)

So, I save my Tranquility for when an overload doesn’t go through as planned (only in normal mode, if an overload doesn’t go as planned in heroic, it’s over).  And I save it for times in heroic when everyone is really low.  By really low I mean 50% or lower.  And by everyone, I mean 5 or more people, including the tanks.

As long as your raid is aware, stays out of bad and you have a UI that lets you see when to dispel, you should be okay.  (I’m constantly dispelling people who get caught by the traps.)

The other thing I do is talent for Soul of the Forest.  This is extremely useful when the Jade shards are out there causing a ton of damage.  I will Swiftmend the tank (practically on cooldown) and then use Wild Growth to touch up all the dps around them.  It has been very helpful and nice with the fast ticking.

I will also switch which tank has Lifebloom on them depending on if the tank holding one puppy seems a little squishier.  When we were running with our monk dps as a tank, I kept Lifebloom on him constantly.  We generally run with a paladin tank (Husband) and a death knight tank, and they are both pretty unsquishy, so I generally just run it between whomever is taking more damage at the time.  However, this past week, with the monk it was almost always on the monk.

When we’re doing heroic mode, I will make sure I keep both the tanks as well as all the runners for the crystals in range.  I tend to believe that if I can’t reach them, they will all die.  I try to keep a Rejuv on all the runners as well as keep them in range for an emergency Swiftmend if needed, since they take damage every time they move.

Throughout all this, mana is a strong issue for me.  I tend to Innervate myself around 200K mana, and then on cooldown from then on.  I will also use a Potion of Focus as needed through the fight, however the placement of that depends on the damage of the fight.  I’ve had to do it shortly after my 1st Innervate and I’ve had to do it after my 3rd one sometimes.  It just varies on how good my raid is at staying out of the bad.

And that’s my general healing plan for both Heroic and normal 10 man Stone Guards.  Thanks for reading.

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