What day is it again? Late Week Updates

So, we went into Terrace of Endless Spring this past weekend and finished up tier 14.  As we only had 2 bosses left, it really felt like a forgone conclusion that we would get in there and kick ass.  Lei Shi took like 3 or 4 attempts but we downed her really easily.  Then we started working on Sha of Fear.

Just a note, don’t try to 3 heal Sha of Fear.  it’s very unforgiving and totally not worth it.  We ended up wiping repeatedly because we didn’t have the DPS to kill the guys on the sides.  So the next group would be cackled out before the next group would come in and bam, dead group.

Apparently I kept giving our tanks death glares when they would pick up the balls of mana regen goodness.  I didn’t know that my tree had expressions!!

So, yay for us, all done.  I’m very proud of us.  This weekend we start working on some serious heroic fights.  And farming ToES.  Of course.

In other news, yesterday was mine and Husband’s 1 year anniversary with Myth.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been here a year, yet it seems like forever.  What a difference a year makes.  We have cleared tier 14 normal mode (with a couple week break in the middle of December) and are steadily moving forward, getting 2 new bosses down every week for the last few weeks.

Also, I was talking to Husband about transfering one of his characters over to Blade’s Edge so we could level some toons to 90 together.  He said “Why do we have to transfer them to Blade’s Edge, why not somewhere else? And just have alts somewhere that we might raid on during the week?”  I thought about it and decided that since most of my original WoW friends are now on Llane, maybe we could go there.  So we’re looking into that.  No decisions will be made right now but I’m thinking of transfering my pally from Madoran there and I don’t know what he would do.

We would kind of like to go Alliance and do fun stuff over there.  But I have no idea who to apply to.  We’d be causal and only avaliable during the week.  I don’t know who would want that.  I’m really torn.  If I were to go Alliance, I might just take my Worgen Druid and level her to 85 and move her along.  (She’s 83 right now.)  Nothing has been decided yet however.  (If it was my pally, I’d level her as prot and then switch to holy at 90.)

If any of you would like some fresh blood, we’re up to spending the dough for the faction change/server transfer.  Just let me know.

And that’s what is in my head today.

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