The LFR of Fail

So, I just went into an LFR with the Husband.  Just a quick ToES before bed right?  NEVER AGAIN.  Friday must be when all the fail comes out.

This is the healing meters for Lei Shi and Sha of Fear.  I didn’t think to screen shot the other two, however they all looked like this.  (And I used my brez in every fight, on one of the tanks.)



This one is for Sha.  The pink you see? That’s husband.  The blue and jade, the other two healers, the red is the other tank.  Dear healers, THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT!  I stayed in the middle the entire fight.  The shaman never left my side.  DO NOT FAIL LIKE THIS.



This is the one for Lei Shei. The pally here was a healer but he left right afterwards, giving us the shaman.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE NUMBERS?  These are holy priests.  Not discs.  I was out of mana for half the fight and when I was dry, a tank would die.  It was without fail.  Seriously.

So, world, I swear it.  No more LFRs on a Friday night.  There should not be a 10% difference between me and anyone.  And if I’m 20% ahead of you, go reroll a new class.  or L2play in LFD, where 24 other people and 5 other healers aren’t trying to carry your ass through the raid.  It’s really annoying.

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  1. Ah, but LFR is supposed to be accessible to everyone! I really don’t understand how a raid can be a PUG. It is nice to allow more people to see raid content, but it scares me to go into a raid where you do not have a team dynamic already in place.

    At least you got some Valor and a blog post out of it?

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