Holy Pallies! A Transmog for my MooCow

I have no great love of paladins.  I find them to generally be snobbish.  This includes my husband.  Sorry pally players.  This has just been my experience in all my guilds and on all my servers.

However, I did make two of them.  And both of them made it to level 85 before the expac hit.  (One was on Madoran, she was a blood elf and the other is on Blade’s Edge and is a Tauren.)

This is Aberska.  She moonlights as a ret pally but when I finally get her to level cap, she’ll be a healer.  However, since she’s a Tauren, I had to come up with nice transmog for her since I can’t use the ones I was going to use for my holy/prot blood elf paladin.

So I came up with this.



I wanted something that showed she was holy, and pure and innocent.  And I think I got that angle with this transmog.

Head: Lightbringer Faceguard

Shoulders: Mantle of Radiant Glory

Back: Bonelink Cape

Chest: Breastplate of the Afterlife

Tabard: Argent Crusader’s Tabard

Hands: Gauntlets of the Righteous

Belt: Tenacious Defender

Legs: Jouster’s Legplates

Feet: Protectors of Life

Weapon: War Mace of Unrequited Love

Shield: Don Carlos’ Drifting Shield





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  1. Ooh purty! I think this does carry across your intended impression quite nicely! Good luck getting it all together :D

  2. Very pretty! :) I ♥ the mace :D

  3. Those shoulders are beautiful! Great mog!

  4. Very nice mog! I love the brown accents with the silver and gold. It’s funny how you come to associate certain classes with a specific type of person. Like, it can’t be a coincidence that ALL the mages I ever raided with were total weirdos :D

    • See, exactly. I hate to sound class-ish but yeah. :( I try to not let their class affect the way my head thinks of them but sometimes I’m like “Silly arrogant pallies, other classes can do things too you know”.


  5. Ah, you know – a little hubris when you’re protecting the world and all that is to be expected. Beautiful transmog!

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