Holy Pallies! A Transmog for my MooCow

I have no great love of paladins.  I find them to generally be snobbish.  This includes my husband.  Sorry pally players.  This has just been my experience in all my guilds and on all my servers.

However, I did make two of them.  And both of them made it to level 85 before the expac hit.  (One was on Madoran, she was a blood elf and the other is on Blade’s Edge and is a Tauren.)

This is Aberska.  She moonlights as a ret pally but when I finally get her to level cap, she’ll be a healer.  However, since she’s a Tauren, I had to come up with nice transmog for her since I can’t use the ones I was going to use for my holy/prot blood elf paladin.

So I came up with this.



I wanted something that showed she was holy, and pure and innocent.  And I think I got that angle with this transmog.

Head: Lightbringer Faceguard

Shoulders: Mantle of Radiant Glory

Back: Bonelink Cape

Chest: Breastplate of the Afterlife

Tabard: Argent Crusader’s Tabard

Hands: Gauntlets of the Righteous

Belt: Tenacious Defender

Legs: Jouster’s Legplates

Feet: Protectors of Life

Weapon: War Mace of Unrequited Love

Shield: Don Carlos’ Drifting Shield





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10 thoughts on “Holy Pallies! A Transmog for my MooCow

  1. Very nice mog! I love the brown accents with the silver and gold. It’s funny how you come to associate certain classes with a specific type of person. Like, it can’t be a coincidence that ALL the mages I ever raided with were total weirdos :D

    • See, exactly. I hate to sound class-ish but yeah. :( I try to not let their class affect the way my head thinks of them but sometimes I’m like “Silly arrogant pallies, other classes can do things too you know”.


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