My type of raiding

I am a 10 man raider.  Even back when I was doing 25’s, I wanted to be a 10 man only raider.  Trying to juggle between 4 and 7 healers was a chore that I did not enjoy taking care of and I always felt distant from my co-healers back then.  I only ever felt close to my co-healers that I healed 10 mans with.  And then, when I got split up from my shaman and disc priest co-healers, and stuck with other healers, it drove me insane.  So many different healers, so many different personalities.  And to be honest, every healer is kinda of a prima donna.  Just like tanks are.

And healers and tanks, I say this with love in my heart and the knowledge that I am a prima donna too.

I never wanted large raids with huge pools of people.  I never wanted to be in a 100+ or 200+ person guild where I was just a name that showed up for raid twice to four times a week.  I wanted to be THAT healer.  One of the reliable ones that you could trust would be there.  Someone that is a pillar and building block of the raid team.  This is why a 10 man raid group is my preferred raid.

I like that in a 10 man, there is no room to carry 3 people.  Everyone needs to be at the top of their game if you want to do any kind of progression.  And since I have only come from ‘backwater’ servers, it’s hard to get that sometimes.

I think I need to make a effort to do more 10 man raiding posts.  The big blogs out there are for 25’s and sometimes I feel like I need something else.  Maybe I should just provide it myself.


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