Heart of Fear Vs Terrace of Endless Spring

This weekend’s raid was really awesome.  We ended up not going into Mogu’shan Vaults at all because we spent all our time in Heart of Fear working on Grand Empress Shek’zeer.  We worked her a bit on Saturday before we disbanded and then spent a good chunk of Sunday night working on her.  And we ended up downing her with two healers.  We don’t have three right now so we’re ‘making due’ with two.  And showing how awesome our two healers are.

So, our group comp for Empress was a DK tank, a pally tank, a warlock (either affliction or demonology), a arcane mage, a BM hunter, enhancement shaman, windwalker monk, rogue, holy pally and me, the resto druid.  We got to phase three a couple of times before we actually downed her.  Our dps was crazy good and on our successful attempt everything just clicked and we downed her very nicely.  No one really got the fear thanks to a combo of tremor totem and calling out dispels.


So, then we headed over to Terrace of the Endless Spring for a little while.  We had like 45 minutes left in raid and we’ve heard that ToES is faceroll easy.  So we walked in, cleared the trash, marked up the Protectors, and pulled.  We didn’t even explain the fight.  Just pulled.  And one shot Protectors in Elite mode.




Then we figured “hey, we have a little more time, let’s try Tsulong!”  So we pulled him and after I think 2 or 3 shots, we downed him too.



So, there we go.  We are currently 1/6H MV, 6/6 HoF and 2/4 ToES!  I’m rather proud of us.

However, this brings something up.  Heart of Fear was rather epic.  Why is Terrace of Endless Spring not?  I’ve heard that it’s not as involved as Heart of Fear.  And if we go through these bosses and steamroll them, I’m going to be rather upset.  We spent weeks on HoF.  I would like to think the end of the tier would be harder then the middle of it.  And yes, I do understand that things get easier when you have gear but jeezus.

I’m looking forward to starting in ToES this Saturday and seeing how far we get.  If we can be done with normal modes by end of raid on Sunday.  Or hell, even Saturday.  it will be fun.

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  1. Congrats!

    I wrote about why exactly ToES feels so lame. Sha is a complete letdown after the Empress encounter. She is significantly more complex and interesting than Sha which is a very repetitive, purely numbers game. I’m sure you’ll get through it in a night or two at the most.

    Good luck w/ your progression. :)

    • Thanks. And I agree. I hated the Will of the Emperor fight in Mogu’shan Vaults because it was SO BORING as a healer. And I find the Sha fight in ToES to be the same in LFR. I’m almost dreading it now. I like to be challenged. It doesn’t feel challenging.

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