A Return to In-Game Identity

I like to play the “What if” game.  Have you heard of it?  It’s mostly just me sitting around in my head and thinking “What if …”  Sometimes I will get my husband involved and the two of us have great discussions on ‘What if”.  “What if we had a child?”  “What if I lost my job?”  “What if we won the lottery?”  Some good, some bad, but all things that I spend a good deal of my time thinking about.

I don’t know what other people’s minds are like, I’m not a therapist nor a councilor of any kind, but in my head I always have a part of it going “What if”.  I personally believe this makes me more adaptable and to be honest, a better healer, but sometimes this drives me insane.  For example, when it’s 2am and I have to get up at 7am and my brain keeps going “What if”.

But Karegina, I can hear you asking, what does this have to do with the title of this post?  Well, it’s like this.  Lately I have been thinking of my own in-game identity.  Who am I in the World of Warcraft universe?  Am I solely a resto druid who boomchickens in her off time?  Am I fundamentally a healer at my core and you can just insert me into whatever class I have access too?  Am I Horde or am I Alliance?

These are questions that have actually kept me up at night recently.  Now, before I go any further I need to point out that I love my guild and am very happy with my guild.  However, while playing the “What if” game, my mind latched onto ‘What if Myth folds and I have to find a new guild somewhere?”  What will I do then?  Will I be willing to faction change to Alliance and give it a go there?

These questions haunted me for days.  Nights of sleeplessness all over a question that my own mind hiccuped one day.  I discussed it with the husband and his answer was simple “I am a prot pally.  I go where I need to.”  Also, he’d be a draenei female prot pally with the sexy butt waggle.  But, would I be a worgen or a night elf druid?  Would I even faction change my druid?  I’ve always said that Karegina is a tauren druid.  Could she live life as anything else?  Could I live my in-game life as anything else?

I still have not come to a solid conclusion on these questions, which (unfortunately for me) means more sleepless nights and more soul searching.  All for a hypothetical question that is not relevant in my day to day life.

Speaking of Myth, we are currently recruiting.  We are 1/6H MV, 2/6 HoF.  And we are looking specifically for a elemental shaman with a resto offspec (that they don’t mind using).  But we will consider all applicants.  Contact me (Karegina#1471) or Iambeast (Swain#1713) for more information, or just go visit our webpage: http://mythicaldoomsquad.enjin.com/

We are couples friendly (we have had up to 4 but now only have two) and I’m there.  What more can you really ask for?  Seriously?

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  1. I’ve changed factions on some characters, but I can’t see my hunter as anything else. It would just feel wrong. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate rolling an Alliance hunter. :) I hope you figure out you What If!

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