Transmog – Angel for Husband’s Grandparents

So, my beloved husband’s family is going through a rough time right now.  And by family, I am most assuredly including myself.  On Christmas morning, about 1 am Wisconsin time, his Grandfather passed away.  Now Grandpa was going to be 90 years old this coming Spring and he was not in the best health but his kind spirit and sweet nature made me going into mourning for him, despite my only meeting him twice.  (Oregon is a long ways from Wisconsin.)

Then, today, we both get a text message from Husband’s mom.  Grandma is in the hospital and it does not look good.  She has a 103 degree fever and a lot of other nastiness that goes along with it.  I spoke to Husband’s mom and she indicated she isn’t sure if she is going to go back out there (she just got back from Grandpa’s funeral).

Needless to say it’s been a rough day.  Mom is heading back to Wisconsin as I type this, I believe.  Or first thing in the morning.  I don’t know.  Again, I’ve only met Grandma twice but she imprinted onto me and I am heartbroken that we are probably going to be losing her as well.

So, I turned to something that cheers me up as a way to mourn for them.  I made a transmog angel set.  I know it sounds stupid but I felt a bit better imagining little angels dressed like this greeting my grandparents-in-laws up in the afterlife.


I picked my Draenei for this transmog because she is a holy priest of the Naaru and this is what I need to envision right now.


Head: Heroes’ Crown of Faith

Shoulder: Mercilesss Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle

Back, Legs, Feet: Not showing.

Chest: Aurora Robe

Hands: Safeguard Gloves

Weapon: Royal Scepter of Terenas II

Offhand: Divine Companion



So, to my Husband’s family, I love you guys and I’m feeling the pain with you.  Time is a fluid thing and it passes and takes loved ones with it.  It hurts but such is life.  We will see them again.  I truly believe that.

Love of mine some day you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs

If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

-Death Cab for Cutie: Follow You into the Dark



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  1. What a lovely way to mourn someone special. I hope the angels that greet them in Heaven come down to soothe all your family’s hearts.

    • Thank you. I’ve been near tears all day and it’s really rough to be the one who is supposed to be comforting the blood relation and in fact you are the one completely saddened by this.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through such a tough time. My thoughts are with you all xx

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that but I agree, it’s a lovely way to mourn with your family. I don’t think it’s stupid at all.

  4. My condolences and (hugs) to you, dear Karegina.

    What a beautiful, perfectly angelic set.

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