Firelands – A return

So, over the holidays, a guildmate of ours asked if we wanted to head into Firelands for one boss.  We only needed the achievement ‘Do a Barrel Roll’.  Husband and I needed 2 parts of it and our guildie needed 3 of them.  So we went in last week (the Saturday or Sunday after Christmas) and got everything but 1 part (avoiding the brushfire) which I screwed up by running head on into one.  So, after Tuesday reset (New Years Day), the three of us gathered together and ran in to face the fire birdy again.

This time we did the same thing but I remembered that I can’t get up some of the sides of the bowl and bam!  Just after the 1st time she is ‘reborn in flame’ …


So now I have a shiny purple flame bird.  YAY FLAME BIRDY!!


Also, I’ve been trying to wrap up some different achievements over the last few days.  I’ve also been trying to get some mogging done but I’m having a hard time with that.  I can’t find anything that I like good enough to show off.


eternallyvaleThis one says “Eternally in the Vale”.  Bad screenshot I know.











So that is what I’ve done this week.  Been a busy little moo cow.  Now it’s raiding time and yeah.  Raid.  WEEE! 😀  (BTW – I now have 11960 achievement points.  How did that happen??)


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