Transmog Survivor!

My favorite Azerothian Amateur is doing another transmog contest and I decided to enter, of course.

We have to design an outfit that represents a disciple of Har’koa (not the guys who imprisioned her but someone who would worship her) and boy did my mind instantly spring to a monk.  I’ve not leveled a monk yet so I didn’t have any idea of the gear choices that they have but I came up with this outfit.



Head – Wonderheal XT40 Shades – Engineering
Shoulders – Red Crane Shoulderguards – Tier shoulders
Back – Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape – Stonespine – Stratholm
Chest – Decaying Herbalist’s Robe – JP Vendor from Cataclysm
Bracers – Bracers of Dark Thoughts – Mogu’shan Vaults
Iceborne Gloves –  Crafted Leatherworking
Many-Pocketed Belt – Drop from level 69-71 elites in Northrend.
Boots of the Unjust – Exarch Maladar – Auchenai Crypts
Ghost Iron Staff – Inscription


I love the kitten headed staff.  And it’s a little glow-y like Har’koa’s eyes!

So that’s what I did.  Transmog time.  Cross your fingers!

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  1. Gasp! I used the same staff in mine! :D

  2. Lovely! I really like those shoulders with that robe, and the cloak is a perfect way to bring in Har’koa’s white & black fur. :D

    That’s a fantastic staff for this prompt — I almost used it, too.

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