2012 – The Year Everything Changed

My first post of 2012 asked the question ‘Would this be the year that everything changed?’  Mists was announced for 2012, despite not knowing the date.  I was in the middle of a rather serious depressive cycle.  I had to change my diet and boy was I unhappy.  I was so unhappy, I didn’t realize I was unhappy.

Thinking back over this year, I have to say that I went through a lot of changes, both as a player and as a person.  So, let’s take a little trip down memory lane shall we?

In late January, my husband and I left our guild (the guild we’d been with since just before Wrath of the Lich King came out) and started fresh on a new server (Blade’s Edge) with a new guild (Myth).  What started as a tentative change, something we weren’t sure we’d stick with, became permanent and as the year progressed, we became staples in the guild and rarely missed a raid.  Husband was promoted to assistant raid leader and junior officer (like an officer but without the work).

We raided through Dragon Soul, did our heroics, got our achievements and finally our Dragon Soul Drakes.  (We got them just before heroic Spine and Madness were taken off for the meta.)  Then we took a break from raiding until Mists came out.

I had my gall bladder out, which was the first major medical surgery I’d ever had as an adult.  Mists came out a week later and I slowly leveled my way to 90.  We started raiding and my performance suffered as the druid nerfs of 2012 hammered me.  I spent my playing hours getting more and more frustrated until I finally snapped and begged Twitter to help me.  I got some amazing help and was able to turn my playing around so much that in LFR last night some random druid was like “Dude, how are you pumping out these numbers???”  And I’m like “Awesome advice from Twitter.”

In blogging this year, I’ve pumped out 129 posts (this will be 130, what a nice round number to end on) and transferred my site to a self hosted WordPress account, hosted by Safe Shark Hosting (sharks make the best hosters).  I’ve had over 8700 views to this blog since I transferred in May.  And that amazes me.  This is my 2nd New Years as a WoW blogger and I’m honored to look forward to another year in doing this.

I’ve proven to myself that I do have things to talk about, even if no one listens.  And I appreciate everyone who came by this last year.  Reluctant Raider is gone and Ysera’s Daughter was born.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Love and kisses,


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  1. Lovely reflection of a year – cheers to the new one, and building on the old!

  2. And the views keep coming,because I’ll always be visiting :) Happy New year!

  3. Karegina,

    You will continue to be an enjoyable source to read and adventure alongside in the quests of WoW and life in general. I am sincerely encouraged by your high post count of 130 in just one year on top of so many other accomplishments.

    My Elune and the entire Cenarion Circle honor you and watch over you with great pride.

  4. It’s definitely a pleasure to be able to follow you here, and chat in-game. You and J are about the only members of Myth I know anymore (aside for Yuush and the Mrs of course) since I’m just not as active these days. I see names I don’t even know, but so long as the rest of you are there it will always feel natural logging in.

    It was a long year for certain! I noticed WordPress has a link now to my year in review which I was waiting for before I put up a 1-2 post review myself.

    Hugs and Happy New Year to you and the husband!

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