Furtive Father Winter Gift from Lib Feathers

So, I participated in this years Furtive Father Winter and my gift was sent to me from Lib Feathers!  I loves it.  It tickled me so much and was the high light of my entire day.  So, thank you Lib Feather!!

This is my first year in Furtive Father Winter, so I wasn’t really sure what to write.  So I wrote some poetry.  There’s also a picture to go along with it, something I ‘borrowed’ from Blizzard.  Hope you like it!

Lib Feathers
For ysera’s daughter:  boomchicken haiku
ysera’s daughter
reading writing and raiding
for world of warcraft

Winter Veil arrives
Horde and Alliance prepare
goodies and presents

Karegina bakes
gingerbread for Winter Veil
sad for orphaned eggs

but druid goes on
Greatfather Winter gets treats
and Horde get presents

Karegina’s gift
a Cinder Kitten, with flames
awful cute kitty

regular tauren
super boom and sparkle cow
but really a tree.

on the true tree self
could hang lights, tinsel, and stars
instant christmas tree

Karegina and
Cinder Kitten celebrate
Happy Winter Veil!

Karegina and Flames

Karegina and Flames

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  1. A lovely set of haiku for a lovely person! What a thoughtful gift!

  2. Wonderful gift Lib feathers! And Karegina you must be so pleased 😀
    BTW your site looks different again. It looks nice!

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