Happy Winter Veil

Karegina pushed her braids back from her face and smiled down at the cookies she’d been making.  After becoming a Master of the Ways, it was nice to get down to some simple gingerbread cookies for Great Father Winter.

“Thanks for helping out, Pali.”  Karegina said as she placed the cookies in the oven.  “This would have taken even longer if I had to go out and find the eggs myself.  I always feel so bad about taking them away from their parents.”

Paliclaus shrugged and started to juggle three of the eggs.  “No problem, I had some extras I was going to sell on the auction house.  People will pay out the nose for these things this time of the year.  Bonus is that I can sell them eggs from last year and they don’t even notice until it’s too late.  And Great Father Winter is too nice to mention the rancid cookies.”  She started to cackle evilly.

“Really?  That’s just mean”  Karegina frowned at her partner.  “Money isn’t everything.”

“I know, that’s why I keep you around.  You are kind and giving.  That way I can be pragmatic and cynical.”  The blonde paladin just smiled sweetly.

“Wait, how old are these cookies you gave me?”  Karegina peered into the oven, her large nostrils twitching a little bit.

“Oh for you, those are fresh, just got em off dead owl beasts this morning”.  Pali ducked as Karegina took a swing at her.  “WHAT! You know how I get them!”

Karegina started to cry.  “Yes, but you didn’t need to SAY anything.  I don’t ask how things are done, because I just don’t want to know.  Don’t TELL ME SUCH THINGS!”

“Fine, they were orphaned by some evil Alliance and I picked up the eggs before they could.”  Pali looked put out.  “Better?”

“No!”  Karegina snorted.  “I know you’re lying because your lips are moving.”

“Aww, let’s not fight, it’s Winter Veil.  You know I have a present for you but you don’t get it for a little longer.  You have to not be mad at me to get it!”  The blood elf grinned up at her tauren friend with a playful light in her eye.  “I always get you good presents.”

“True,” Karegina said, wiping her eyes.  “But I won’t forget this.  Come on, the cookies are done, let’s go take them to Great Father Winter”.  With that, she pulled the cookies out of the oven and deftly put them into a treat bag.  Then she threw them into the air, shifted into bird form, caught the bag with a talon and started to fly towards the Valley of Strength.

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