Last Day for the Giveaway! Also …

So, today is my last day for my Winter Veil giveaway.  I’ve not had a lot of posts since announcing it because I’m in a mad rush to get my real life home ready for family and other assorted company that starts rolling in today.  So, it closes in 2 and a half hours, go do something to sign up!

In other news, I’ve spent almost no time in WoW since our last raid on Sunday.  I’ve been so busy trying to get everything in boxes, everything out of boxes, and my kitchen cleaned that I’m surprised that I even have time to go to work.  (Even now, I’m wondering what I could be doing instead of sitting here at the computer at the office writing a post.)

So, tonight, one of our old friends from our MUD days will drive down to visit us (us being me, husband, and three of our best friends).  All of us used to raid together before Cata hit, back in the Ulduar days.  Then one of our best friends stopped and shortly after Cata, the old MUD friend stopped playing because his life got so hectic.  Then husband and I server transferred.

Also, at this gathering, we will have our niece since it’s our tradition (twice is a tradition right?) to take her the day before husband’s family brunch/lunch/dinner for the night.  And tomorrow morning is my in law’s breakfast for our Christmas holiday.

AND I still have a living room full of crap.  My kitchen is a disaster, my computer room is a disaster and the game room has a giant bed in the middle of it for our niece to sleep on.  Not to mention that I still need to clean the bathroom!  ARGH!  WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS?  (Because it’s awesome to entertain but I’m just completely sick to my stomach over all this.)

How are your holidays coming?  Are you spending them in WoW?  Earthmother knows I’ll be in WoW, working on my Furitive Father Winter gift as soon as my in-laws leave my house tomorrow.  (Sunday and Monday I’ll be doing dailies like a mad woman.)  I love the holidays but I think I’m now ready for them to be over.

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