Broken Hearted

In the last 4 days, there have been 2 mass shootings at public places (one of them a school) in the US and a mass knifing in China.  There is a lot of pain going around right now and I can’t find a good place to say what I’m thinking so I’m posting it here.

I am heartbroken.  I am.  I have no children of my own, though I do have 2 beautiful nephews and 1 gorgeous niece.  Plus another niece or nephew on the way (I was just told that on Wednesday).  I already feel raw when bad things in the world happen, I can’t imagine what I would be like if I had children.  I already wear my heart on my sleeve, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have it walking around in someone else’s body.

I am not going to get into gun laws here.  But what I truly believe if that there is something wrong with our society if people with mental disorders can’t or WON’T go get help.  There is a stigma out there around mental issues that won’t go away without a lot of work and honestly, seeing these horrible situations makes me think that we need a lot more education about mental disorders.

I knew when I was 22 (the age of the shooter in Oregon) and 24 (the age of the shooter in Connecticut) that I had a problem.  I was raised in an environment where guns where a thing (my ex-stepfather is/was a police officer) and where mental disorders were openly discussed (this was the 1990’s).  However, I am female and have always had very nurturing tendencies towards everything.

My point to this point is a plea to everyone out there.  Please, this it a painful time.  Hurtful words won’t help.  We are all hurting, innocent children dying is the worst thing I can imagine.  (Please don’t make me imagine worse.)

Help take the stigma away from mental disorders.  Help educate people, help people GET HELP.  I don’t know these people’s’ situations but I have a gut feeling that if they had a place to turn to, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Now, if you are just here to debate gun control, I will block and delete your comments. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT.  My opinion on gun control is just that, mine.  Yours is yours.  Take it to your own space.  This is a space for talking about mental health and how it may or may not reflect on this situation.

Love and light to all the families affected by all three tragedies.  I can’t imagine what they are going through and I pray that in the future, there are less of these.

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  1. Thank you! Gun laws or not, aren’t most shootings done with illegally aquired guns anyway?
    The message we need to be taking from these tragic events is that our diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is severely lacking. There should not be a stigma to mental illness as I think that keeps many people from seeking help.

  2. Unfortunately, “GET HELP” doesn’t necessarily work. I have a cousin who has mental issues, but as she is over 18, no one can make her get help. We can see clearly that she needs some sort of intervention, but what can you do?
    As for the ones who are still children, there are too many cases where the parents do get involved and take the child for counseling or therapy, and it does no good. Sometimes doctors simply shrug their shoulders and cannot do any more to help.

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