Tuesday Morning Musings

This was my first raid weekend after the changes I made from my Twitter conversations.  And dear lord did everything improve!  My mana regen is steadier and my output has almost doubled.  Probably helps that we two healed almost in everything this week since Had was doing concerts in New York City with her RL band.  (Yay!) I felt more confident when I was all finished on Saturday and looked just at my rough numbers.  I was actually competing with the pally healer we have.  I was so happy.

I’ve made a decision to do my Dominance Offensive dailies on a more steady basis.  Since it came out, I’ve done them exactly 2 times (if you count last night).  I unlocked them and then I did them with Husband last night (btw, Husband is now on Twitter as @NotAPseudonym, he’s a dork).  I do want the shiny boots (ankle cuffs) and the pretty pretty ring.

I’ve also committed myself to leveling my warrior.  I need the ore like woah but I’ve been too busy doing IRL things.  I used to laugh that I had no life, now I have no life but no time for a virtual life either.  (Home remodeling rules!!)

Other things that I am doing is contributing over at GamerGlam.  So go check that out too.  I’m going to try to post more in a few places because a lot of the things I’m doing these days seem like no one would be interested in here.  But we’ll have to see!

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