Holiday Giveaway! Either a Mount or a Pet from the Blizzard Store!

I posted on Twitter earlier this today that I want to do a giveaway for the holidays.  I checked with the Husband and he agreed that I should do one but said I should do one on a thought provoking post.  So consider this some thoughts that I want to provoke.

So often we as people struggle in our daily lives.  We just assume that struggling is how our life is supposed to go and that to ask for help is a weakness.  It takes a giant push sometimes for us to ask for help.

Over the last few days, well actually, over the last few months, I have noticed something.  Twitter, despite its capacity for drama, is actually a very constructive and (overall) well-meaning entity.  Some individuals are harder to get along with then others but the vast majority wants people to find joy and happiness in playing this game that we all share.

I was at a very low point two Mondays ago.  I was at the point of giving up in my 10 man raids.  I wanted to reroll anything that was out there, despite my deep love and stubbornness for keeping my resto druid viable.  I put a call out on Twitter and within 10 seconds, Restokin had put out a call for me.  Her call to arms resulted in a wonderful conversation where I was informed what I was doing wrong and how to fix it by a number of people.

And now I want to give back.  I don’t expect the people who helped me will enter this contest but I want to know from you how the WoW blogging and Twitter community has changed your life.  For me, despite not checking every week, it has improved my writing, it has gotten me in touch with emotions I didn’t realize I had and it has helped me express them in ways I couldn’t before.

To enter this contest, simply do one of two things (or both, you can enter twice).  One – follow me on Twitter (@annanda) and send me a tweet stating how this has changed your life.  Or two – leave a message on this post explaining how these communities have changed your life.

There will be two winners of this contest.  Winner #1 (from Twitter) will get their choice of a mount from the Blizzard store.  And winner #2 (from the comments) will get their choice of a pet from the Blizzard store.  This will be a random number generated thing.

The close date of the contest will be 9pm Pacific on Thursday, December 20th and I will announce the winners on Saturday the 22nd.  So, enter!  And happy holidays!

Please note, if you are my husband, you are ineligible for this contest.

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  1. It’s helped to get out my aggression and it has helped improve my positivity. Peace, Aerie

  2. It’s helped me find and connect with more people in Wow than I would otherwise not have met and it’s helped me to feel more confident about myself.

  3. It helps me keep track of all the adventures my friends are up to lately. We mostly play on different servers these days, but I still love hearing what old guildies are doing in game.

    I’m glad your Twitter friends helped you with your raid healing!

  4. I’ve met some amazing people who live all over the world through the blogging and twitter communities! I haven’t met any of them in person yet, but they’ve helped me improve my game, informed me on all sorts of issues, helped me to feel like I belong to a wider community and above all, made me laugh. There’s so many friendly people out there – it’s great that we have these social medias to connect with people who share our interests!

  5. There are days when I’m the only person on in my Guild, days when I want to have a sense of community and know that even if there’s no one in Guild there’s still a ton of druids out there to be silly with, ask questions with and feel a part of. The twitter raid group is a fantastic example of this, just wish I was in the US realms to join in.

  6. I really enjoy how doing a music segment at the end of our Eviscerated Gaming Podcast has opened up a lot of communication about the segments over Twitter which being me support as I create new fans of the EDM genre!

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