Story Time – Dailies – Dominance Offensive

Karegina looked up from the tome she was studying. “Really? The Dominance Offensive landed and I’ve been ordered to report to Garrosh?  That orc can … ” Kare’s voice trailed away as she realized that she might not be among like-minded individuals.  Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Paliclaus, then a sigh escaped her.  “Okay, where are we headed?”

“Krasarang Wilds.  A landing party is on the western shore line and they’re ready for us to come help them build a fort.”  Pali beamed at Karegina from across the desk, her eagerness to be off was almost palpable.

Karegina closed the tome with a thud, then stood.  Today she was studying a farming tome that Farmer Yoon’s grandfather had left behind.  Something dull about growing special crops, like Songbell’s.  Paliclaus couldn’t understand the intense study that Karegina put behind the simplest things.  The younger blood elf always preferred wading in, sword swing (or hoe swinging in this case) and letting the chips (or crops) fall where they may.

“Come, let us be off.  The sooner we help our ‘beloved’ leader, the better off I will be.”  Karegina tucked the tome onto the bookshelf and led the way out of the farmhouse.  “I came here because I was ordered, but I’ve really fallen in love with the Pandarian people.  I’m truly glad that some of them have joined the Horde but I respect that not everyone wishes to do so.”  With that, she willed herself to be a bird and started flying towards the Wilds.  From behind she heard Paliclaus calling “Damnit, you cheater, hold up for a moment.  I can’t just hop on my kite like you can shift into bird form!”


“But you have to come.  Garrosh has noticed that you haven’t been around and I can only make excuses for you for so long.”  Paliclaus studied her nails as she perched on the fence rail of Karegina’s farm.  “He even started asking Yuush where you’ve been.  And you don’t want to get Yuush involved.”  Pali knew that invoking Yuush’s name would get Karegina motivated.  She didn’t like to disappoint their guildleader.

Karegina stopped pushing the plow for a moment and wiped off her forehead.  “Fine, I’ll come down with you and see how I can be of service today.  You said that Baine was there and needed some help too?”

“Yes,  Lor’themar has also been down there.”  At Karegina’s blank look, Paliclaus gently reminded her,  “You remember, the Blood Elves’ Regent Lord?  Our ambassador for the Horde Council?”

“Oh yes.  Old Blondie.”  At Pali’s offended look, Karegina grinned and pushed the plow to the corner of her farm.  “Let’s go.  It’s not all killing Alliance is it?  You know how I prefer to heal and not hurt.”

“Yes yes.  We can kill some Mogu instead and pick up spirit traps and kill other things too.”  A bloodthirsty glint twinkles in Paliclaus’s eyes as she continues.  “There are many other things to kill besides Alliance in that area.  It’s just more FUN to kill the stupid Alliance.  Now hurry.  If you suck up to the right people, you can get yourself a new pair of boots!!  They’re pretty!!”

The tauren looked down at her hooves and shook her head.  “You vain thing, boots never look good on me.  I always have to cut them and turn them into ankle warmers.  But let’s go.”

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