Shared Topic – What do I want for Winter’s Veil?

Winter Veil is around the corner and it’s time to sit upon Greatfather Winter’s lap and answer the important question, “What do you want for Winter Veil?” Is it that expensive grand expedition yak? a nice transmog custom outfit? or a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock?

What is on your Winter Veil wishlist?

Dear Great-Father Winter:

I’ve been an awfully good Tauren this year.  I’ve saved Azeroth from Deathwing, I have explored new parts of the world for the Horde (not always causing good things but my heart is in the right place) and made a concerted effort to be a better healer this year.  So I’m not asking for much, merely a trifle.

What I want from you is ….

A cinder kitten of my very own.

I know I could ask for many things but all I want with my little druid heart is a flaming kitty that matches me when I turn into a flaming kitty.  I would love it and squeeze it and take it with me everywhere.

I would name it “Flames” and would never let anyone put water on it.  (Plus, it will look good with me in burning tree form!)

Love and kisses,


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  1. I’m thinking Cinder Kittens are going to be the most asked for item. But with good reason. They are just way too adorable. Hope you get your little Flames.

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