Lunch Fortunes

Today is Monday.  And as usually happens on a Monday, I went out to lunch today with my coworker.  (I have a coworker and a boss, that is the extent of my social work circle.)  His favorite place to go eat is one of the 4 Chinese food restaurants in my tiny town.  (We have about 7800-ish people in this town.)  So today, since our boss couldn’t make it, the two of us went out and had a quick lunch and after the lunch, in my fortune cookie, this popped up.

As a druid, I completely agree with this statement.  One of our most outstanding traits is our classes versatility.  I love that I can easily flip between 4 different specs (now) and do all of them well (if I know how).  And I (the player) am also capable of being versatile.  I can heal (my preference), I can do ranged dps (my 2nd preference).  If you get me the gear, I could go kitty or I could bear tank.  I’m  not so comfortable with the tanking (I do have tanks but I have never actually tanked anything other then a holiday boss) but I know I could do it.

So, why does this fortune make me pause this lovely (hahaha) Monday morning in dark and dreary Oregon?

Because sometimes being versatile can bite you in the butt.

This weekend, Myth moved up to be the 1st place Horde side guild on Blade’s Edge with the successful downing of Heroic Stone Guard, Garalon and Blade Lord Ta’yak.  However, as most of you out there with healers know, Garalon and Blade Lord are two heal fights.  And I was sat for various reasons.  I will admit (quite fully) that I angsted hard core over not being there.  I’ve been with this guild for a lot of our milestones and not being there for two of them was weird.

The reasons behind sitting me were very very logical.  For some reason, I’m not clicking with my class in a 10 man environment.  Put me in Raid Finder or in a 5 man and I have NO mana issues and come out on top in Raid Finder (unless I die).  Throw me into a 10 man with a resto shaman and a holy pally and my healing is extremely subpar with horrid mana issues.

There is no reason to 3 heal the normals that we are doing at this point in time.  At least in my opinion.  (I have not expressed my opinion to my guild mates, nor my husband until now.)  My dps (when I am dpsing) is lower then everyone else’s since as a main spec healer, I’m getting main spec healing gear and trinkets, not dps trinkets.

However, tonight I sat around and talked with many resto druids both on Twitter and in game.  You guys are amazing and lovely and I want to thank you.  The community of resto druids out there are amazing.  I really love you guys.

So, now I will implement all the changes and see how I do now. Versatility.  It’s one of our outstanding traits.

(Thank you to Kar @ aka @xvkarbear, Hamlet @ aka @HamletEJ, Juvenate @ aka @WTSHeals, Lissanna @ aka @restokin.  You guys are my heros and I really appreciate your help.)

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  1. Hey at least you proved we could 2 heal Will :D

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