A Real Post About Raiding

I am a 10 man raider.  And this expansion, while I take it seriously, I’m not making myself sick over capping my valor points or making sure I’m BiS for what I can get before we do certain things.  This isn’t to say that I’m not doing things, I am.  I’m just doing them on my own time.

Every day, the husband turns to me and asks “What is our plan tonight?”  I stop for a moment after he asks and think about how I’m feeling mentally and physically, how tired I am, etc before I answer him.  Sometimes I say “I want to do LFR.”  Sometimes I say “I want to play my rogue/pally/priest/alt#15135484″.  Whatever my decision is, he accepts it and doesn’t press unless he has something specific that he wants (like the achievements for not taking any damage while doing a specifc group of Shado-Pan dailies).

I appreciate this.  There was a time that he would nag me to death about dailies.  I grew to resent both them and him.  And I swear everytime he would open his mouth about them, I’d jump down his goddamn throat.

I also appreciate that while my guildleader and officers want me to cap my VP every week, they don’t require it.  Since the expansion has come out, I have capped my VP exactly 1 time.  That is 1 out of 9 times.  The other 8 times I’ve barely gotten it above 500.

I am still sitting on a piece of gear that I got while I was leveling, a ilevel 450 belt (Hurricane Belt) and while that will be the next piece I acquire, that is about 200-ish points away.  And once I get that, my current belt will be regulated to my dps spec.  Because I’m building two seperate sets for my healing and dps, since I am tired of spending thousands of gold to regem, re-enchant and reforge my healing to dps for 3 of the bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults.

Every week, I look at our numbers, I see myself at the bottom of the DPS (where I probably should be as I am a healer) and not as good as our resto shaman and holy pally.  I think that will change as my gear gets upgrades.  I’m just not outputting what they have, as they have a lot better gera then me now.  I think.  (We’re not seeing a lot of int leather drops.)

Also, we are currently recruiting.  If you are a boomkin, a brewmaster monk, any flavor of warrior, a dps DK, an elemental shaman, a shadow priest, a mage or a warlock, please drop us a line.  You can reach us on Blade’s Edge, or just talk to me via my Battletag (Karegina#1471).  You can reach an officer here: Hadleigh(Healy Officer): nikki at nikkidecoy dot com or Yuush (Our GM): jpeaytt at aol dot com.

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