And now Myth is 2nd Horde side on Blade’s Edge

It’s been a very productive weekend for me.

In real life, Husband and I moved our bedroom into our old library.  We turned this:


Looking into the library from the door.








Standing in the closet, facing away from the window.








The view from the closet, the window is directly to the right.








Looking at the closet.








And we turned it into this:

Standing in the closet.








Standing in the doorway (Yes, It’s blurry.)

Looking at the closet.








Today, I spent my day making a curtain (which I didn’t finish before raid, so I will finish it up this week).  So yeah.  PRODUCTIVE!

In WoW, Myth (and I) did two things of awesome.

This secures us as 2nd Horde side on Blade’s Edge.  We are awesome.  Also, we 1 shot Will of the Emperor.  So take that Elegon.  It was nice to get into Heart of Fear.  I’d not been in there yet!

However, it’s late, so I’ll talk more on this later.  But yay.  Progress!!

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