The Sparkle Dragon has bit the big one

Due to one thing and another, our raid times these past two weekends (last weekend and this weekend) are only half of what we are usually getting to do.  Last Sunday we had some things come up that kept other people from playing and this Sunday, Husband and I are going to a holiday event with friends.  (My best friend’s sister is in the country and we’re doing our annual Thanksgiving friend’s celebration together before she leaves next Saturday.)

However, that’s not kept us from progressing in our raiding.  We downed Elegon tonight after only 6 wipes.  (Tonight.)  I’m very proud of us!  And I’m still the sucky one when it comes to dps, I know I could do better if I changed where I put my Symbiosis, but whatever.

So, there’s the official Myth screenshot.  We’re so pretty!  (PS – Thanks for the help Lorewalker Cho.)  We managed to get the achievement for him by accident.  Wow, seriously.

In other news, my priest hit level 90 on the 12th.  So now I have two 90’s and the race is on!

She’s spending her time locked into her farm, which I’m not even doing every day, and making her fancy cloth.  Which I’m not doing dailies to unlock the patterns.  Yes, I am a failure at having alts.  I’m trying to remodel a bedroom in my real life!

In other news, here is a pretty screenshot of me as a boomkin, with the Relic of Chi Ji buff on me.  I’m so pretty!!  Moo baby, moo.

I’m also setting myself up for a new challenge.  A 12 to 90 challenge.  Go read about it on my ’12 to 90′ page.  And now, I have to go paint a ceiling at midnight.  Yay!

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