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I’ve been home from ‘Mythcon 2012′ for over a week now and I’ve not been able to find time to blog.  This is indicative of a number of things.  See, husband and I are moving our rooms around in our home.  The current bedroom is becoming the computer room, our current library (yes, I have THAT many books) will become our bedroom and our current computer room is becoming the ‘play’ room.  The play room will have some book shelves, Husband’s future arcade machine, a futon, a tv, and all the gaming systems we own so people can go in there and play them as desired.

Also, work is crazy, with my lenders driving me bat shit insane and my boss hiring two new loan officers.  The loan officers haven’t started yet, but there is prep for them starting to originate loans that we are working through.

Then, my Grandmother is in the process of moving.  She’s in her late 70’s (I think) and is not helping with her move at all.  She’s relying at me, my mother and my aunt to do all her packing, sorting, etc.  So, last weekend the three of us went to her 800 sq ft apartment and started sorting everything, packing what we could and putting in storage the things that will not fit in her new, 500 sq ft apartment.

Tonight, my mother and I are heading over to her apartment to pack some more.  Hopefully we will be able to get rid of some more things and not have to put it into storage.  Then, this coming Saturday, we move all the ‘big things’ we are going to keep (ie her favorite chair, her mattresses, a chest my great grandfather(??) made) and move them to her new apartment.

In WoW, our guild has managed to defeat the Spirit Kings (pretty quickly too actually) by 2 healing it, and having me go boomkin.  So we spent most of this past weekend working on Elegon.  That we also 2 healed and I went boomkin.  So it’s looking like the following things are happening for me during Mists.  I will probably end up being the ‘swing’ healer.  At least for most of tier 14.  I’ve not looked at the fights in Heart of Fear yet.

However, what this means is that I need to get two seperate sets of gear together so I don’t have to continue to run back and forth to the reforger after Feng and before Will of the Emperor.  (Which we aren’t at yet, but still.)  I’ve also been researching some boomkin things but I’m not seeing anything too exciting for them at the moment.  Anyone have some nice blogs/helpful sites to visit?

I want to be the best healer/dps I can be.  So that’s what I’m trying for.  I’ve even been doing Sha as dps so I can get tier dps gear.  (I have my healing hands.)  AND I got to revered with Golden Lotus, so I started doing my other silly dailies.  Needless to say I’m about dailied out.  But I got my pretty new chest (since one doesn’t drop on Mogu’shan Vaults) from VP and that brings me up to only having 3 other blue qualities and only 1 of those is under heroic 5 man quality.  And that’s all my resto set.  I’m currently using my resto trinkets for my boomkin set but I am thinking I’m going to gather the cards for my dps deck (Serpents?) and use that as a trinket instead of the healing one.

Any suggestions folks?

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  1. I so miss you already. I missed you when you walked out the door.

    So I want to start a new druid. Jake has fun with the shape shifting and frankly so do I. I like the troll’s shifted models but not the regular char models. Anyway, since you’re my druid expert, which race should I roll? My current druid is a Nelf, sitting at 38 on Bronzebeard. She’s the highest one I have. Jake’s is a Worgen currently at level 8. Then I have a Tauren druid on Sen’jin who’s level 13. So I guess the only one I don’t have is troll. Which race is the best for a DPS druid?

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