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Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

 This shared topic was put forth by Dragonray over at Azerothian Life.  And I definately remember the first time someone who’s blog I read religiously responded back to me.  I thought I was going to fall over.  I ran into the other room and shouted at my husband “Windsoar totally tweeted at me!!!” and he, like the unblogged person he is said, “Who?”

Over time, the feeling of being starstuck has diminished.  At first, I would see a blogger and build them up in my head as the PERFECT PERSON WITH NO FLAWS!  And then as I watched them interact with people on Twitter, in their comments, or on the forums, my opinion would change.  Sometimes I would get disappointed but other times I would just try to stay out of the way.

Now, I get a thrill when I see Cynwise has replied to me, or BigBearButt, or Rades (who I don’t think has ever done anything) but that’s because I love the way their minds work.  I wish I could be that person, the one with the tinfoil hat who can speculate about lore. 

I am starstruck by people I want to be like.  People I look up to and who I think are funny and sincerely great people.  And my Twitter feed and blog roll are full of them. 

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  1. Admiration is a great way to describe it! I totally wanna be like the blogging stars I follow :D

  2. I’m a fan of anyone who plays a druid… doubly so if they play a tauren druid :D

  3. Thank you. It doesn’t matter how well-known a blogger is – we are all just people tapping away on keyboards, writing about a video game we enjoy. We’ve all got flaws and demons that we’re dealing with, but also a real sincere admiration for other people in the community. I’m amazed at all the great people I’ve met through WoW!

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