Shared Topic: June 11th -17th – Insert NPC here

If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

I would love to say I would be a druid trainer but honestly, I’d have to be a resto druid trainer that would probably tell everyone to do it wrong.  I still, however, want to be a trainer of some kind.  Maybe with the ability to sell a pet or give out quests.

When I made my (originally) undead mage, I hadn’t decided on what her professions would be.  I decided she would be a cook but it wasn’t until she was level 40-ish that I decided to make her a herbalist and alchemist.  I had the same issue with my tauren druid when I first made her.  I didn’t have any professions when I picked her back up again at level 30-ish in the middle of BC.

Our group at the time didn’t really plan out our professions.  We each chose professions based on what we thought would be the most useful for ourselves.  And if it benefited others, great!  Our group of 5 had the following professions: Tailoring, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Mining, Skinning, Herbalism.  So I picked up Jewelcrafting and Mining for myself.  During BC, I got the ‘gotta catch them all’ mentality.  That lasted through Wrath but not into Cata.  In BC, a lot of people didn’t have JCs but by Wrath, everyone had a JC alt or something.  And by the end of Wrath, my ‘services’ were no longer needed.  So in Cata, I thought to myself “I’ll just do my own thing.”

However, I still like to think of myself as a Jewelcrafter in the ‘top 5 things Karegina is’.  (The list is Druid, Healer, Tauren, Horde, Jewelcrafter.)  Yes, it barely made it but whatever.  So I think I’d like to see myself being a Jewelcrafting trainer somewhere in Thunder Bluff.  Maybe sitting in a tent on the main rise, maybe tucked away in a corner on Elder Rise, as benefits my Druid class affiliation.

But, I think that would be lonely.  I’d much rather have sexy tauren men to keep me company.

So, Elder Karegina, Jewelcrafting Trainer.  That would be my main.  Able to give quests out for JC tokens.  That are in the shape of little panda bear faces!!

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  1. Hehe, cute! I must admit, I really like my professions, not so much levelling but Arch has been pretty exciting on the beta :)

  2. This is a tough topic, just like doing JC dailies for the token grind! Nice post :)

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